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ParenTalk: Fun Christmas Activities To Enjoy With Your Family

ParenTalk: Fun Christmas Activities To Enjoy With Your Family

It is that time of the year when malls and shops are adorned with Christmas lights, shelves are full of Christmas-themed décor items, and jolly Santas are shaking hands with kids everywhere. While the pandemic has forced everything to become low-key, the spirit must not dip. Kids love Christmas for the festivities, stories, and gifts. How about making Christmas more magical this year? Let us take this opportunity to say bye to the gloom and spend some time with the family. Our busy lifestyles often distract us from spending quality time with the family. Christmas is a great time to slow down and relax. You do not have to head out to crowded malls to have fun. 

Here is a list of amazing Christmas activities you can enjoy with your family without compromising on safety:

Letters to Santa: This is one of the fun Christmas activities that children of all age groups enjoy. If your child is learning to write, it is a great way to make them practice. My 5-year-old, who feels sleepy 978 times while just practicing strokes, has already written 2 letters to Santa with his minimal writing skills. One letter contains a list of gifts that he’d like and the other is on behalf of his brother. There is also a line that says that the brother cannot write, so the elder brother has taken it upon himself to ask for his gifts. You can offer to write on behalf of your younger kids. Also, remember to be Santa and write back, and buy a gift, of course. It is a great opportunity to discuss privileges, gratitude, budgets, affordability, etc.

The joy of gifting: Gifting is an inseparable part of Christmas celebrations. Open your hearts and wardrobes this Xmas and pick a few things that you’d like to donate. Remember, it shouldn’t be old and worn-out stuff but belongings that still give you joy. Help your children do the same. Talk about privileges and abundance and make them familiar with the joy of giving. 

Talk about religion, respect, and tolerance: We haven’t introduced our children to the idea of religion. They have little exposure because of the beliefs of their grandmothers. However, we later realized that they will be exposed more when they step out. It is thus important to let them know everyone has their faith, and it is important to respect them all. Talk to them about how all religions urge people to be kind and that the idea behind festivals is to spend time together and celebrate the festive spirit. We have been following this tradition for all Indian festivals and love the discussions that follow.

Reading and storytelling: This activity is hit in most households. Read Christmas stories and spend some time together snuggling in the bed. Make it a fun game by encouraging the kids to tell their stories. Build unique stories through family circle time. Each person says a sentence and the other person continues the story. While this activity can ensure unlimited fun with the family at any time of the year, it works great as a Christmas activity as children enjoy bringing in Santa, reindeers, sleds, and other magical elements

Set up a nativity scene: It is a great way to tell your children the story of Christmas by setting up a nativity scene. This will set the stage for fun creative time and amazing discussions with family. As a child, my favorite thing about Christmas was the visit to the church and the beautifully decorated nativity setups. However, it may be wise to skip the crowds this year.

Cook or bake together: What is a better Christmas celebration than a fun time with family and an abundance of delicious food. Bake cookies together and see how the fragrance fills the house and your hearts. You can also plan a simple menu and work together towards a sumptuous meal.

Put up a Christmas tree and decorate it together: If you and your children are artistically inclined, you can make your tree by either picking up a DIY kit or crafting it from scratch. You can also get on the book tree bandwagon and create a tree using the books you have. Decorate it with fairy light and handmade ornaments and enjoy the spirit of Christmas.

Practice gratitude: Talk about the things you are grateful for and thank each other for the important role you play in each other’s lives. This will help you bond as well as recognize your non-material gifts.

Click pictures: We all know how we barely have pictures that have all the family members together. What is a better time than the Christmas holidays to prepare for a photoshoot and have fun? You do not need to spend on a photographer, just set the timer on your camera, place it and get clicking. You do not even have to wear fancy clothes if you don’t wish; this activity is about moments and the pictures will turn out beautiful irrespective of your outfits.

Play board games: The fun at family gatherings multiplies when you are competing against each other at an entertaining board game. All you need to start having fun this Christmas is a board game and cozy blankets. 

Dance to Christmas songs: When you are in the comfort of your home, you can actually dance like no one's watching. So, pull out a fun Christmas playlist and start tapping your feet. You can also get perfect dance vibes by installing a multicolor disco light bulb. Adults can also pour themselves a glass of wine if they wish. Well, just suggesting! 😉 

Wrap gifts and open yours: If gifts are a part of your Christmas celebrations, come up with creative and less wasteful ways of gift wrapping. Have fun wrapping the gifts as a family and open the ones you get when you are together.

You do not have to plan elaborate setups and kids’ activities if you do not have the capacity or inclination. All you need for a perfect Christmas celebration is love in your hearts. Spend some time together doing what gives you joy, do a random act of kindness, and see how the spirit of Christmas lightens up your life.

Merry Christmas!

Smriti is a freelance content writer and an avid reader. She quit her 6 year-long IT career to embrace her love for writing. She writes content across genres and takes pride in her ability to research and carve magic with words. She passionately writes about parenting and is currently working on her book. When not writing or reading, she can be seen running behind any of her 2 kids or learning Deutsch.


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