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Right at the Center of it all: How the Nestery Came to Be

Right at the Center of it all: How the Nestery Came to Be


What are our beliefs? How did it come to be? Why are we even here? Our Credo.


At the core of everything is our core values, things that are unassailable, unshakeable and immovable. My core values before pregnancy were and continue to be equality, empathy and respect.

Being pregnant means a huge responsibility, deciding the kind of parents you want to be to the little person, who will rely on you to build their own set of values?

As every parent to-be, my partner and I pored through all the recommended books and then some. We were lucky to not have baggage of, “things have always been done this way”. We talked about what our philosophy towards parenting was to be. We talked about how our parents got things right and how things could be improved. We read, questioned and read some more again.

We honed in on something that we could both agree upon. I call it “Roots and Wings”, a philosophy that draws its roots from age old practices but only accepting those that pass through the crucible of science and evidence and those that make parenting feel easy, comfortable and just right like a cozy glove. It was a combination of other well thought out philosophies; natural parenting, attachment parenting, RIE parenting, gentle parenting, Montessori as a philosophy. We thought we would be alone in this journey, but we have since discovered that there is a large group of like-minded parents who believe in the same things as us.

I have listed the key values and tried to elaborate it in the best way that I could.

  1.  Being a responsive and an attached parent:
    • Preparing for pregnancy, birth, and parenting (lactation counseling, birthing, pre-natal fitness, post-natal counseling, PPD awareness)
    • Making an informed choice about feeding (breastfeeding or formula feeding)
    • Full term breastfeeding
    • Baby-wearing from a belief that you cannot “spoil” a baby by responding to their needs
    • Co-sleeping (No stressful sleep routines)
    • Gentle and respectful parenting
  1. Nurturing a love for nature and being conscious about the choices we make
  • Cloth diapering
  • Eliminating plastic, chemicals, and waste to the extent possible
  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Upcycle
  • Supporting local products/artisans and produce where possible
  • Using natural and/or materials (Wooden toys, cotton clothes etc.)
  • Eating local and organic if possible
  • Relying on evidence based approach to age-old parenting/food/clothing practices
  • Inculcating a love and respect for outdoors and nature
  • Focus on experiences as against things
  1. Believing in evidence based practices when it comes to healing and health
  • Making educated evidence based choices about medical interventions
  • Opting for medication only when necessary
  • Early interventions in case of delays
  1. Child-led learning/exploration and fostering independence in our little ones
  • Fostering independence in the child through practical life activities and by imitating adults safely
  • Engaging them in play that involves all their senses in an age-appropriate manner
  • Providing free play and pretend play opportunities
  • Providing open ended toys made with preferably natural materials that don’t believe in instant gratification (buttons, lights, sounds etc.)
  • Child-led learning (following sensitive phases of the child)
  • Creating/providing child friendly spaces (accessible)
  • Alternative schooling/Home schooling/child-led learning programs
  • Minimal to no screen time

If I were to sum up everything in one sentence, “Being deliberate and mindful in our parenting choices while combining instinct and design”

As I delved deeper, I noticed that a lot of this information is not contextualized to India and that there are wonderful brands that operate in this space but independently. To find these brands would mean that you are part of an exclusive group or followed the right blog. It is difficult to find comparisons and trusted reviews. That is how the idea came to be. I hope that can be that space that talks to these brands and the parents that they have been communicating to all along. It will be like a village that didn’t know they lived together and discovered each other.