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The Story of Lord Krishna

The Story of Lord Krishna

Krishna Janmashtami commemorates the birth of Krishna, the eighth avatar of Vishnu. Born to Devaki and Vasudev, and brought up by Yashoda and Nand of Mathura, Krishna put an end to the misery and suffering faced by the people of Mathura at the hands of Kansa, his uncle. 

He also played a pivotal role in the Mahabharata and ensured the victory of the Pandavas. 

While the world lauds Krishna's achievements in his youth and later years, it is his childhood that make for interesting stories for children. The story of his encounter with the demoness, Putana, is well-known. As is his never ending love for white butter - Makhan! This earned him the nickname of Maakhan Chor.

Where Janmashtami celebrates the birth of Krishna, Dahi Handi celebrates his mischievous nature. As a child, Krishna would often steal butter from his mother's kitchen, and even from his neighbours and villagers. One day, an exasperated Yashoda told the neighbours (who would come with complaints) to tie up their earthen pots (which would have butter, milk, curd) at a height that couldn't be accessible to Krishna. Little did Yashoda know that the ever-enterprising Krishna and his friends would make a human pyramid to not only reach the pot, but also break it and devour its contents! The pot is popularly known as Dahi Handi and the breaking of the pot in one go is considered to be auspicious.

Dahi Handi is most popular in Maharashtra and Gujarat with huge pandals set up across cities and several competitions held. It is a festival that brings together young and old to celebrate with song, dance and of course MAKHAN!