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To a child, anything can be a toy – from the pots and pans in the kitchen to the bits and bobs in your vanity drawer; but as a parent, you would want to give your little one proper toys. As a parent, you are probably aware that play products can help in a multitude of ways – it can improve physical (gross and motor) and social skills. Toys can improve spatial awareness, help build a sense of logic and there could be toys that could eventually help in academics, when the child starts school!

However, it is often the actual purchasing of the toys that leaves parents reeling and confused – should I look for kids indoor play items or should I encourage them to spend more time outdoors? Is wood safer than plastic? Should I pick gender specific or gender neutral? These are all questions that are bound to pop up. However, when you choose to shop at The Nestery, you can be assured that the toy buying exercise will be a pleasure rather than a pain! In our virtual aisles, you will be able to find toys for all age groups, made with a whole variety of materials, including wood, metal, cloth and more and based on what type of skill you are trying to develop. 

There is literally no child in the world who would not like having toys and at The Nestery we have an abundance of options. Choose from a wide range of soft, chemical free kids teethers and rattles that are perfect to keep babies occupied and happy! Our silver rattles will be perfect for gifting and are absolutely adorable. When you leave your baby on the floor, make sure they are on one of our high-quality baby activity playmats. Our strong and sturdy wooden playgyms provide proper physical activity for kids. Make sure that you provide them with plenty of sensory toys for infants to improve eye hand coordination.

Although there is no age group for soft toys, they are good options for little ones – infants and toddlers. But little ones should most definitely have some stacking and nesting toys as well as building toys. These help build logic and improve memory functions and teach important gross motor skills and improve hand-eye coordination. As your little one grows, music will also become a part of their lives - musical instruments toys are often beneficial for emotional as well as cognitive development. As they enter the first few years of schooling, you can introduce them to montessori learning materials for effective learning. You can give them magnetic toys for kids for unlimited fun and creativity, allowing them to practise alphabets and numbers.

As your little ones start to find their feet, you can choose from our range of walkers for kids, which include traditional wooden wagons and scooters. There are also rocking horses, tricycles and more, along with more modern vehicle toys for kids. These offer hours of joy and fun, with or without company. This would also be a good time to introduce them to best pretend play sets to inspire creativity and you could also get them colourful and bright indoor play tents for kids. Should you want them to spend some time outside, you could consider some of the best swings for kids. We also offer slides, balance boards and outdoor tents, which are sure to guarantee several hours of fun for your little ones!

When they start to grow and you want to stimulate their minds, choose from our collection of wooden jigsaw puzzles and logical reasoning puzzle games. These can be played with friends or when they are on their own and there are plenty of travel friendly options available too. Same goes for card games for kids and board games for kids – these facilitate strategic thinking, improve memory and focus and teach valuable life lessons too. You can choose from a huge variety, suitable for several age groups and with different themes; these make for really fun gifts as well. 

While we have plenty of modern games, including AR toys for kids, which can help strengthen the concept of science and math for children, there are also traditional toys on offer. Traditional Indian toys that are deeply rooted in our traditions and are made of safe and chemical free material are also a good idea for children of all age groups.


At The Nestery, we receive so many questions, especially from new parents and parents to be, that we decided to compile a list of the most frequently asked questions:

  • When can children start playing with toys?

Children can start playing with toys from the newborn stage itself, but we suggest parental guidance and support. Soft squishy toys are a great way to introduce newborns to the world of toys as are rattles for kids. 

  • What are the appropriate toys for each age group?

Every age has its own requirements, interest and capability levels and it is important that you choose the toys based on that. Here are some of our suggestions: 

    • New-borns and babies can be kept occupied with soft toys, play gyms, mats for tummy time, rattles and teethers. 
    • By around 5-7 months, you can introduce high contrast colourful flashcards, sensory books and activity centres.
  • At the toddler stage, you can start introducing them to stackers toys, shape sorters, easy jigsaws, busy books and busy bags as well as building blocks. 
  • When your child starts pre-school or play school, mazes, dot to dot books, colors learning games for kids, and pretend play toys such as doctor sets or kitchen sets, etc. are good choices. 
  • At tweens and teens stage, DIY kits or art and craft kits are a good choice and you can choose based on their interests. 
  • Should I choose gender specific or gender-neutral toys?

To raise a well-rounded child, it is often advisable to expose them to a variety of experiences. For all you know, when your toddler boy plays with a kitchen set, he might end up being a world-renowned chef and your daughter who played with construction equipment toys, goes on to become a civil engineer. At The Nestery, you will find options for all age groups and interest levels! 

  • Are all the games you offer only for indoor usage?

Absolutely not! We offer games and toys for all kinds of spaces – there are wooden play gyms that you can set up in the garden and swings that you can carry anywhere you want. Walkers and wagons too can be taken anywhere around the house as can activity books. 

Why The Nestery?

The Nestery is the brainchild of a mother, who wanted to build a platform that allowed new parents a hassle-free experience of choosing the best for their child. Rather than overwhelming them with choice, the website aims to offer a curated selection of play products that is categorized by age, interest, skill set and so on. We do the research for you when you feel confused about what might be the best toy for your child, and then attempt to bring the best toys for your children’s development. As a matter of fact, you will find several useful filters to narrow down your search to the T! 

The Nestery brings to you all kinds of toys, activity sets and playing items for newborn to 12 years. Not only is this the best place to buy kids play items, it is the place where you can do it with immense peace of mind. Our selection of toys is child safe and made using eco-friendly materials. Our team has chosen toys, activity sets and more, based on a thorough understanding of what works for each age group and our collections are constantly updated. You will also be able to find unique and interesting school supplies for kids. Our selections also make for really wonderful gifts for birthdays and festive occasions like Rakhi, Diwali and Christmas. 

We firmly believe that the best toys are not ones that cost a lot, but the ones that provide hours of fun and entertainment, while allowing the child to learn a little something new! Find all that and more at The Nestery!