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AI/AR Toys

Bring technology into the lives of your little ones in the most fun way possible – at The Nestery, you will be able to choose from the most unique AR toys and AI toys. From toys that move to books that are truly interactive; so much to choose from!
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    This interactive musical toy ball is sure to keep your baby entertained and enhance the baby's growth. The vibrant colours, numbers and patterns st...

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    Original price Rs. 999.00
    Original price Rs. 999.00 - Original price Rs. 999.00
    Original price Rs. 999.00
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    Rs. 899.00 - Rs. 899.00
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Gone are the days when toys were simple and uncomplicated – this generation of children are a lot more advanced and they look for toys and gadgets that are just as advanced. It comes as no surprise that children these days want toys that are a lot more interactive and will engage them in a more unique way. Parents are constantly on the lookout for the best AR toys as well as AI toys for kids, which will keep them busy and happy at the same time. These days, there are toys that will move with you and talk to you – there are toys that allow you to build things that will move and help you learn in a more informed manner.

AI or artificial intelligence and AR or augmented reality have both taken centre stage in the recent past and they are becoming popular in the creation of toys and games as well. When you pick a remote control car, you are actually looking at a toy that moves and zips and zaps, but how many of us actually pay attention to how it is able to move with a remote. What is interesting to note is that AI and AR are no longer limited only to toys, because now there are books and flashcards and so much more that use these technologies. Learning and teaching has become so much easier with these technological advanced tools and more and more parents are now leaning towards the same for their kids too.

Why shop for AI/AR toys and products at The Nestery

When someone first comes to The Nestery, they would think that this is a website where they will be able to buy books, clothes, toys and other accessories that might be needed for children of varied age groups. However, this is also the place where you can come to buy the best AI toys the most unique printed worksheets and the most interesting AR books for kids too. At The Nestery, you will have access to some of the most unique toys, books and educational kits that will enable you to engage your children productively, no matter their age!

While you will be able to buy remote control robot car here, you will able to be able to choose from a range of kids learning & educational laptops too. So, with the former, there can be hours of fun, while with the latter, there can be hours of learning – little ones will enjoy toys that sing and dance with them, although the older kids might want to use their hands and minds to build something – with Mechanix Robotix options, you will be see your children use their hands and minds to construct anything from a bike to a truck! You can also pick flying balls that work on the same lines as a remote controlled car.

There are also plenty of options for those who want to pick options that are a little more on the academic side – for instance, you will be able to find AR books that will allow children to learn about colours, words, animals, birthday, shapes, opposites and even phonetics. Pick an interactive globe to teach your child about the world or pick math games to teach more about numbers in an easy way. Coding games are great for slightly older kids, while the AR flashcards are offered for several age groups.

We try to make sure that we give all the details related to our products, but there is always the chance that someone will come up a query or question that needs to be answered a little more elaborately. These are the most frequently asked questions related to the best educational electronic toys that are offered at The Nestery:

I need a birthday gift that is fun and interesting. Can you suggest something?

At The Nestery, you will be able to browse through a range of puzzles kits – these are offered for several age groups and various types.

My son has suddenly developed this new interest in chess. Do you have anything to make him happy?

We have options for interactive chess that should keep your son interested.

I want to help my son build a decent vocabulary – do you have anything?

If you are looking to improve your son’s vocabulary, we would suggest that you look through our options of word building games – there are plenty of E Learning books that should be helpful.

Why The Nestery

The reason why The Nestery is fast becoming the go-to place for a lot of parents, is because they are aware of the fact that this site has been built by a mother. Moreover, the team consists of parents, who have little ones of their own and given that they do most of their shopping here, shows that the products are the best. Not only are the AR toys & gadgets carefully chosen, everything that you see in our virtual aisles has been picked with immense consideration. We bring to you some of the most unique and interesting education electronics toys.

We understand the importance of balancing play with learning, which is why at our website, you will be able to find AI robot toys as well as AR book of colours in our virtual aisles. We try to think ahead for other parents, as to what they might need as parents to be or as new parents or even as experienced parents and bring those into our catalogs. We are aware that while the AR flashcards might be perfect for tiny tots, the parents of older kids might want something like educational laptops, which will assist them in their learning and academics.

At The Nestery, you will be able to find all this and more; so what are you waiting for? Come get your shopping done with us!