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Art is the best way to express our emotions and creativity reflects our inner soul. These words hold true for small children also! Importance of art and craft in children’s overall development is immense. Art enables children to engage in open-ended play, and allows them to take their imagination to incredible places. Art and craft products for kids do a lot more than just entertaining them – they aid the development of cognitive abilities, promote social and emotional skill, amongst others. For older children, art is a great form of expression, and helps them boost their self-esteem and creativeness. To get the best art and craft models for kids and so much more, you might want to choose The Nestery!

Creativity is not limited to just colouring books. Kids can boost their creativity through other means such as kid friendly kitchen tools for kids and origami craft for kids. The colouring books for kids help expand their creative horizons, and also boost their fine motor skills. Apart from books, there are so many tools available to inspire the creative side of your child’s personality, such as clay modelling and crafting. These books and activity sets also let your child be independent and inspired, thus promoting emotional and social well-being. 

It is natural for parents to be confused, as to which kind of books or art & craft kits to get for their child. There is a constant dilemma, whether to go for colouring books for kids or art and craft essentials. Different children have different creative capabilities, and their needs to create something from their own imagination must be fulfilled. At The Nestery, there are options like fabric yarn, wood craft kits and so much more, because we understand a child’s hunger for creativity!

We offer you a wide variety of books, toys and activity material for children across all age groups, and with varied interests. From simple art and craft kits tocomplex weaving loom kits, to paper quilling crafts for kids to craft room essentials – there is a plethora of options to keep your kids creatively and productively engaged. 

One of the best ways of learning is to do it hands-on, and for that there are no better options than clay and play dough. with our range of play dough and clay modelling tools, kids of all age groups will be able to project their creativity in a fun and safe way. Or maybe you could look at colouring books and accessories – there are plenty of art and craft books to choose from, which can not only keep the little ones occupied for hours, but also assist in increasing focus and improve hand-eye coordination.

And while younger kids might be better off with crayons and colouring books, older kids might like to try their hands at painting. You can consider canvas paints or even a fabric painting kit and these work wonderfully as gifts too! Perhaps you would want to check out our selection of weaving looms that will help improve coordination and focus. We also offer a variety of craft products, including high quality fabric yarn that will allow the creative side of your little one soar! You could also look through our collection of kid friendly kitchen tools for kids to nurture essential life skills.

There is no denying that paper is also a great product to use in arts and crafts – there is the choice of quilling for kids or paper origami for kids and so much more. Or perhaps, by gifting your children scrapbooking kit for kids, you could have a family activity! When you shop at The Nestery, you will have access to innumerable children's craft kits and craft essentials that make for interesting gifts and are available for all age groups.


At The Nestery, we understand that as a parent, your primary question might be this - how do I keep my child engaged in a productive and useful way? Here are some of the questions that parents like you have asked us, and their answers herewith: 

  • My little one is 3 years old. Which type of colouring books should I choose?

Although there is no such thing as the right colouring book for the right age, it might be wise to start with really basic children’s colouring books. Kids are very fond of cartoon characters, so you can choose our Disney colouring books. Our mini colouring books work really well with kids of this age too.

  • I have heard clay modelling helps children in learning letters and words. Is it true?

For children who have problems with formation of letters and spellings, creating the letters and words with clay helps a lot. Children can also learn to associate words with objects, and vice versa. Even mathematical formulae can be memorized and understood using clay modelling, as proposed by many researchers. Clay modelling, as you can see,is far beyond just a pastime activity.

  • What kind of art and craft activities should I offer to my 5-year-old kid?

5 year old kids are often extremely energetic and very inquisitive. For them you will find a number of items at Nesterythat challenge their curiosity and keep them engaged productively:

  • For those that love colouring and drawing, kids colouring books can be given. 
  • For those that love creating things with their imagination, clay modelling is the best choice. 
  • DIY art kits are best suited for kids above 5 years of age, as it may require basic levels of reading.
  • Activities that involve paper quilling, origami crafts and quilling paper designs for kids can be introduced, as they improve focus and attention in children.

  • My child loves playing with clay, but I am afraid I might expose her to chemicals present in clay. What should I do?

There are certain brands of modelling clay that could contain harsh chemicals, which may lead to health issues if exposed to for prolonged periods. At The Nestery, we offer toxin free and completely safe clay and modelling clay tools. These materials are made with 100% eco-friendly ingredients, thus safe for your little ones as well as the environment. So when you buy clay at The Nestery, you can let your kid explore her creative side, without any worry of exposing her to chemicals. 

  • My 5 YO shows a lot of enthusiasm for cooking, but I am afraid to let her enter the kitchen and work with the real tools. Can you suggest something?

The Nestery is a storehouse of interesting and kid friendly kitchen tools for kids, through which your child can learn basic life skills. Made with chemical free and safe material, these are the best kitchen tools for kids that you would find in the market. Let them ‘pretend cook’ with you, while you do the real work! 

  • Even though my child is not interested in drawing and painting, he loves to do paper crafts. Is there anything available at The Nestery to help him?

There are many options available – from basic clay modelling tools, weaving loom kit, origami paper craft for kids, and many more. You can also go for a scrapbooking kit for kids, which your child can use to spend some time with his friends. Do pick some cute and creative stickers and stamps too.

Why The Nestery?

The Nestery was conceived by a passionate mother, who strongly believed in the all-round development of her child. With the same notion in mind, The Nestery has a carefully curated collection of amazing books and DIY art kits, which not only keep children engaged, but also help in their mental, physical and emotional development. Also, the materials used for creating these kits are chosen for their natural and toxin free ingredients, ensuring your child’s safety and environmental sustainability in mind. Apart from offering you wonderful books and toys, The Nestery also offers a seamless and hassle-free shopping experience for the parents.

Whether your child loves Disney colouring books, or colouring comic books, The Nestery will surprise you with the options available. Not only colouring books, The Nestery offers a variety of art and craft kits for kids, which will keep your children engaged for hours together – away from gadgets and screens! Our fabric painting kits and weaving loom kits are perfect for a playdate too – so that your children get to do something alongside their best buddies. As a parent, what more could you ask for! 

So let your child discover the creative side of their personality - shop at The Nestery!