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Rs. 300.00

DESCRIPTION: A set of 5 books for young children from Pratham that provide a multisensorial experience.

AGE GUIDANCE: 3-6 years

1. SAHANA MAKES MUSIC: Sahanas home is too quiet. How can Sahana liven it up. She starts creating some music of her own. Listen in.

2. SHHH... SIMMI IS LISTENING: Simmi knows her sister Lolo very well. She can tell what Lolo is up to even with her eyes closed. Here is a simple book that introduces the concept of sound to young readers.

3. NANI'S WALK TO THE PARK: Venki's Nani has a special relationship with her neighbourhood. When Venki decides to go to the park with her, the walk turns into an adventure. (AWARD: Best Children's Illustrated Book of the Year at Comic Con India – Pop Culture Forum)

4. EVERYTHING LOOKS NEW!: So many flowers, so many colours, so many bird and squirrels chirping and jumping around Meenu! She is enchanted by nature at its best. It is spring time.

5. HOT TEA AND WARM RUGS: Meenu's smart winter uniforms are out and the air is filled with the aroma of roasted nuts. Not to forget a cloud of mist in front of her mouth she speaks! Let us find out what is happening this winter