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Alphabet Trace Track

Name: Makersclan Alphabet Trace Track Age guidance: 3-6 years How to use: The Alphabet track is designed keeping in mind the developmental skills of 2 yr to 4 yr old... Learn More

Rs. 899.00

Plantable Seed Colour Pencils

Plantable Seed Colour Pencils

Product Description: A set of 10 plantable colour pencils made with 100% recycled paper and edible colours. Age Guidance: 3+ years Materials used: Material: Certified edible colours in the body... Learn More

Rs. 180.00

-Rs. 190.00

Stereotype Breaking Katha Combo

Combo description: This Katha combo curated by The Nestery brings together books that break stereotypes and makes us question status quo in a way that it appeals to young audiences... Learn More

Rs. 670.00

Upcyclers Lab's My Eco Alphabets

How to Use: "Teach your kids A-Z of Sustainability. Skills learned: Alphabet and Word Recognition. Helps in Word Creation. Improves Visual Storytelling. Learn About The Environment. Material used : SB... Learn More

Rs. 399.00

Flying High

Age: 4+Meet Suni Pandya, a girl who wanted to fly ... a girl who, with her sheer determination and hard work, reached for the stars! Learn More
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Age: 2+ “From the window of my room I see amazing things ...” A book that can be read and enjoyed by everyone from the very young to the old!... Learn More
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Katha Magnifique Combo

Combo Description: The Nestery curates books from Katha. This combo contains books written by famous authors like Rabindranath Tagore and Rumi. These have been adapted for young children by Katha... Learn More

Rs. 535.00

Earthy Katha Combo

Combo Description: The Nestery curates books from Katha. This combo contains books that talk about Earth and it's myriad treasures. Age: 2+Books: Earthsong: A lyrical tribute to the Earth and its... Learn More

Rs. 410.00

Fun with Katha Combo

Combo description: The Nestery curates Katha books. These are a collection of fun-filled, quirky tales that will be enjoyed by toddlers and preschoolers alike. Cuts across reading levels. Age: 2+1.... Learn More

Rs. 630.00

Katha of the Wild Combo

Combo Description: The Nestery curates books from Katha. This combo brings together books with the theme of wild animals and conservation. Age: 3+ Books:1. Polar Bear: An adorable tale about... Learn More
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Upcyclers Lab's 5 in 1 Activity Set

Activities: "Our awesome new version of the 5in1 Activity Box has: 1) Take Me Home Board Game on animal conservation 2) Garbage Grab Board Game for Waste Segregation 3) Sticker... Learn More

Rs. 999.00

Find Me First

Name: Find Me First Flashcards How to Use: A thrilling, speedy object recognition game. A hit amongst preschoolers and parents alike. Who Finds it First??!!!! Experience the thrill of speed... Learn More

Rs. 499.00

Little Performers

Name: Little Performers Flashcards How to Use: Little Performers is a fun little game for your Preschoolers. It's a fun charades game where there is no competition but just pure... Learn More

Rs. 499.00

Wooden Toy Classic Car Set of 4

Name: Wooden Toy Classic Car Set of 4 Age guidance: 3+ years How to use: Makersclan 4-packs car set deliver 4 of the coolest natural wooden vehicles. This is the... Learn More

Rs. 899.00

Makersclan Animal Memory Tiles

Name: Makersclan Animal Memory Tiles Age guidance: 4-6 years How to use: This game helps sharpen the memory and also helps the kid to get familiar with the animal kingdom,... Learn More

Rs. 1,499.00

Makersclan Kids Mini Loom Kit

Name: Makersclan Kids Mini Loom Kit Age guidance: 4-6 years How to use: Through weaving children can discover patterns and textures, as well as practice fine motor skills and eye-hand... Learn More

Rs. 1,200.00

Makersclan Kids Theater

Name: Makersclan Kids Theater Age guidance: 6+ years How to use: This is a replica of a real theater, Opens children’s imagination, fantasy and creativity. Develops children’s artistic potential and... Learn More

Rs. 1,999.00

Makersclan DIY Bird House

Name: Makersclan DIY Bird House Age guidance: 6+ years How to use: A do-It-Yourself Colorful Bird house, that can attract singing birds to your garden and balconies . It makes... Learn More

Rs. 1,499.00

Makersclan PIXEL ART

Name: Makersclan PIXEL ART Age guidance: 4-6 years How to use: Pixel Art is a game to compose drawings or letters and to develop creativity allowing children to reproduce or... Learn More

Rs. 1,950.00

Makersclan Shapes and Ladders

Name: Makersclan Shapes and Ladders Age guidance: 4-6 years How to use: This 2-4 player Board game is inspired from the Classic game of snakes and ladders. Where we are... Learn More

Rs. 1,199.00

Makersclan Rolling Pins Sr.

Name: Makersclan Rolling Pins Sr. Age guidance: 5+ years How to use: Use as an aid during tactile play with play-dough, paints etc. Materials used: Natural wood, natural water-based dyes... Learn More

Rs. 1,499.00


Makersclan-Rolling-Pin-Jr. Learn More

Rs. 999.00

Makersclan Wooden Balancing Game

Name: Makersclan Wooden Balancing Game Age guidance: 2-4 years How to use: Play a game while balancing the small objects on the balancing base without tipping them over Materials used:... Learn More

Rs. 1,600.00

Makersclan Turtle Memory Game

Name: Makersclan Turtle Memory Game Age guidance: 2-4 years How to use: Use as a tag-along turtle or as a memory game matching pegs Materials used: Maple wood, natural water-based... Learn More

Rs. 1,600.00

Let's Talk Trash - Illustrated Handbook

Product Description: A little illustrated handbook with simple, everyday ideas towards a less messy world. Apart from providing ideas to go zero waste, this books also takes a brief look... Learn More

Rs. 150.00

Let's Talk Trash - The Kid's Activity Book

Product Description: If you’ve been looking to go green and are eager to get your kids involved, The Kids' Activity Book is a great way to introduce concepts such as... Learn More

Rs. 230.00

Plantable Stationary Set

Product Description: A set of 1 plantable notepad made with handmade recycled paper and a box of 5 plantable pencils and 5 plantable pens packed in a jute drawstring bag.... Learn More

Rs. 410.00

Inclusion, Diversity & Tulika

A curation of 9 books from the house of Tulika that brings together the best of their work on inclusion. A treat for young children and a wonderful starting point for starting... Learn More

Rs. 1,435.00


Age guidance: 3 Years+ How to use: Design your textiles individually. These unique crayons are suitable for drawing on pencil cases, aprons, hats. They are washable at 30 degrees. And ensure... Learn More

Rs. 199.00


Age: 3+ Meet Jafta, a little boy growing up in an African village, who describes some of his everyday moods and feelings by comparing his actions to those of various... Learn More

Rs. 145.00

Little Cloud's Quest

Age: 3+ Little Cloud has set out on a journey to find friends. Come, join her as she rides on Wind high up in the sky and over distant lands. Meet her new... Learn More

Rs. 150.00


Age: 3+ Gatila does not think she is a pretty cow. But she has a solution. And so, quietly in the night, plop goes her tail in the paint cans.... Learn More

Rs. 225.00

The Little Big Man

Age: 2+ The Little Big Man shows what it’s like for a child to wear his father’s shoes, to grow up and assume adult responsibilities. Tagore’s magic exercised one more... Learn More

Rs. 120.00

The Famous Smile

Age: 4+ After several failed attempts, Agar Magar finally makes it big. Come, take a tour of the mighty river, the deep forest and the big town, as Agar Magar goes places, flaunting his... Learn More

Rs. 195.00

Abba's Day

Age: 2+ Ayesha’s favourite day is Sunday, for it’s her Abba’s day. Come, let’s find out what happens at Ayesha’s home every Sunday and what makes it so special! Learn More

Rs. 95.00

What did Nepo Do With a Sari?

Age: 3+ A sari can be used in a hundred different ways. Well, Nepo came up with a very unusual use for Dadi’s sari. Read this delightful story to find... Learn More

Rs. 195.00

Guess Who?

Age: 2+ This is a song that most of us have sung as children. Katha brings this old favourite back to life, with words that resonate in English. Enjoy! Comes... Learn More

Rs. 120.00


Age: 6+ Jivuba wants to become a singer but she cannot because she has to get married. Luckily, Dammu, the wise apsara of the forest, casts a spell to remedy the situation! But what happens... Learn More

Rs. 120.00

Run Ranga! Run!

Age: 3+ Ranga is a baby rhino who loves to wallow in the mud and play with her mother. Walk the grasslands with Ranga as she becomes a graceful young adult, keeping an eye... Learn More

Rs. 120.00

Animal Katha Combo

Combo Description: The Nestery curates books from Katha. This combo contains books with themes about animal conservation. Age: 3+1. Tigers Forever: Let’s protect and save our tiger friends! 2. Polar Bear: An... Learn More

Rs. 430.00

Early Learning Katha Combo

Combo Description: The Nestery curates books from Katha. This combo contains books perfect for young children who love being read to. Cuts across reading levels Age: 2+ Books: 1. One Lonely... Learn More

Rs. 630.00

Arty Katha Combo

Combo Description: The Nestery curates combos from Katha Publishing. This combo includes books with which you can introduce your toddler/preschooler to the world of art with beautiful illustrations with rich... Learn More

Rs. 550.00

Chitra Katha Combo

Combo description: This combo contains Chitra Kala Parishad award nominees gathered together in one awesome Indian Children's literature combo. This combo cuts across reading levels. Books: 1. How to Weigh... Learn More

Rs. 865.00