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Board Games

Let your little ones unleash their imagination and roll the dice in a world of adventure, master the new and classic board games for kids, as well as some critical life skills!
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    This activity kit includes 5 wooden characters of Ramayana epic which kids can paint and decorate. Also includes a fun board game activity which wi...

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    Original price Rs. 850.00 - Original price Rs. 850.00
    Original price Rs. 850.00
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There is probably no one, who hasn’t spent their summer vacations playing a family board game with their family and friends. Board games are timeless forms of entertainment that bring people together for fun and socializing. They offer a chance to unplug from TV and other electronic devices, and engage in a world of strategy, planning, and skills. At The Nestery, from classic games like tic-tac-toe, and snakes and ladders to newer, innovative games like magnetic chess, there's a board game for every type of player. Whether you are a fan of fast-paced action or prefer a more relaxed game, these board games offer hours of enjoyment and a chance to challenge yourself and others.

Board games can play an important role in the overall development of children. They encourage strategic thinking, collaboration, problem-solving, and communication. They foster an environment that allows children to practise social skills, develop friendships, and learn the importance of taking turns and playing fair. Board games promote healthy competition, as well as teach children to be gracious winners and good sports when they lose. They also offer an entertaining and stimulating way to introduce children to the basics of math, spelling, history, and more.

So go, gather some friends, grab a snack, and get ready to roll the dice and make some memories through these classic board games for kids at The Nestery!

Here is the reason why The Nestery is the best choice to buy kids board games online -

Board games are a vital part of childhood development, providing children with a unique opportunity to learn valuable skills while having fun. At The Nestery, there is always a keen focus on providing exactly what the child needs – based on their requirements. Here, you will find the top board games for kids, which are curated to suit kids of different age groups, whether it is the complexity of the game or the skill-set required. Also, there are various games that match the child's interests, such as adventure, strategy, or history, to keep them engaged and motivated. These games are certainly challenging but not too difficult for the child, so they can learn and grow while playing. There are games that offer educational value, which can help develop specific skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork. Made from durable and natural materials, these board games are long lasting, and have high replay value, so your child can enjoy playing it multiple times.

Board games are not just a pastime, they are an important part of one’s childhood. As a parent, you might be having many doubts in mind regarding the kind of board games that you should choose for your little ones. We hope that the below mentioned FAQs help you to understand them in a better way. Kindly feel free to reach out to us through email, in case these answers are not of much help to you.

  • My child doesn’t get his eyes off his computer. He plays chess online, all day. He is such an introvert, what should I do to get him off the screen?

The best way to get your child out of the screen is to get him to something more exciting and interesting. Book and board games are the best choices - they offer opportunities for children to interact with others, practice communication, cooperation, and learn to follow rules and take turns, thus developing their social skills. It appears he likes chess, why don’t you try introducing him to our Magnetic Chess, he might get actually hooked on to it. Instead of playing kids board games online, he might actually be holding one in his hands and playing!

  • I wish my 10 YO son played the traditional board games I played as a child. Do you have them?

We know that childhood is incomplete without traditional board games. Yes, we do have plenty of card & board games that will remind you of your childhood. Explore our Taayam (chowka bara or ashta chamma), snakes and ladders, wooden ludo game, pachisi and many other family board games available at great discounts!

  • I am afraid of giving plastic and other boards to my child, as it might lead to unnecessary exposure to chemicals. What do you recommend?

When you shop at The Nestery, you don’t have to worry about the safety of your child. Our board games are made with durable yet safe materials such as wood, cloth and the likes. These do not contain toxic chemicals, so you can relax while your child is enjoying it!

Why The Nestery

Every mother wishes her child to live the kind of fun childhood that she has lived – the games, the food and the carefree life! With this very thought, modern-thinking yet traditional mothers at The Nestery have meticulously selected each item on their shelf. From clothes, to books and toys, everything is natural and free from toxic adulterants – just the way it used to be, but with the touch of the advancements the modern technology has to offer. Our board games for kids and adults cater to the needs of kids and adults with varied interests, these simple looking toys are the best toys you can ever have! Through a fun gaming session with their friends and family, children will be able to develop their cognitive, language, and social skills. Whether it is snakes and ladders, or a crossword puzzle, they help a child develop problem-solving skills and creative thinking.

Spend your summer and other vacations in the best possible way with these board game games for kids! Shop now at The Nestery!