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DESCRIPTION: A set of 6 books from Pratham for older children that help to nurture their interest in science.

AGE GUIDANCE: 6-9 years

1. NEELU AND THE PHENOMENAL PRINTER: Neelu loves animals. When he sees an injured horse on the streets of Calcutta, he wants to help the animal. Neelu is introduced to the world of 3D printing where whatever you think of can be printed. Cups, plates, pencils and, in the future, even hooves for a horse. Can technology help injured animals live a better life.

2. THE RED FAIRY: Little Meeto dreams about cars and knows everything about them. One day she meets Red Fairy, a car that can do things that no other car can.

3. CYBORG DADU: Aiman tells Dadu that the science of bionics could make it possible for many of our body parts to be replaced by machines. Find out how.

4. SAILING SHIP AND SINKING SPOONS: Tenzin and Tashi, two young Tibetan monks, and Genla, the beloved storyteller of the monastery, wonder why a small steel spoon sinks in water but a huge ship floats. Their science teacher Miss Sonam helps them experiment with an apple, a spoon and a tub-full of water to learn more about objects that float.

5. HOW HEAVY IS HEAVY?: A stone is heavier than a feather and lighter than a rock. So is the stone heavy or is it light. Can we know for sure how heavy or light a stone is. Find answers to these and other fascinating questions in this fun book about weight.

6. HOW FAR IS FAR?: If you thought your friend's house on the other side of town was far away, you have clearly not read this book. Climb the Magic Math Ladder to get from where you are to the top of Mount Everest, to Kashmir, to the moon, the sun, and ultimately, to the edge of the Universe, which is very, very, VERY far away indeed. Ready, steady, go!