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Rs. 310.00

DESCRIPTION: A set of 6 fun story books from Pratham for toddlers and preschoolers.

AGE GUIDANCE: 1-3 years

1. TODAY, I AM: What will Megha be today - a botanist, an astronaut, an artist?

2. GAPPU CAN'T DANCE: Everyone in Class 1-A knows that Gappu can’t dance. When the other students raise their left hands, she raises her right! Can Komal Ma’am get Gappu to dance? A story about the joy of dancing, using the concept of opposites.

3. SNIP: A pair of scissors turns the day upside down for Avi and Toto. Will the playful siblings get into trouble? A wordless story full of mischief and mayhem.

4. LET'S PLAY: Ready set go Learn the science behind play.

5. WHO ATE ALL THAT UP?: How is the forest so clean? Find out how nothing goes to waste in the jungle.

6. THE DRAWING GAME: Jeenu and Ajji are drawing circles, triangles and squares. Then they turn them into all sorts of things. This simple story introduces the concept of shapes to children and encourages them to use their imagination.

7. THIS IS HOW YOU COUNT EGGS: Raghu keeps making mistakes while counting eggs. Kavya knows a simple way to help him count.

8. THE DOLL THAT BOMMAKKA MADE: This charming cumulative tale celebrates the tradition of hand-crafted dolls. Starting with a little ball of clay, we see the fine dancing doll grow before our eyes, inspired by the South Indian Thanjavur Thalai Atti Bommai. The rhythmic descriptive words stacked in a delightful repetitive way invite the children to chant along. The vibrant illustrations complete the word pictures.