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A mother is often the first teacher, and home is the first school for any child. Reading starts as soon as the children start flipping through the pages of any random book, and writing starts as soon as they start scribbling on the walls. To a child, everything is learning and when so much is riding on learning, why not give them something proper to learn! And that’s where kids learning books and other similar supplies come into play. With children, who have amazingly inquisitive minds and a flair for learning new things every minute, what could be better than a book! Be it comic books for kids, activity books for kids or some matured content such as books on Indian culture, The Nestery has the collection of best books for kids of all ages. 

There are so many famous books for kids, which directly or indirectly teach a lot to the children. Every parent wants to inculcate a reading habit in their children – either through digital books for kids or audio books for kids, in addition to the regular books for kids of course. Books and other reading material can be great tools to not only enhance cognitive capabilities, but also boost fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination and emotional well-being. Learning through books and other media also open different avenues for children to look at the world around them with a completely different point of view.

Nevertheless, as a parent we are often confused as to what kind of books can be offered to our kids, so that they get the best kind of learning. The confusion is often between choosing informative books and story books for kids. The answer purely depends on the likes and interests of your children. Thankfully, at The Nestery, there is something for everyone! Offering you the most seamless shopping experience, The Nestery has a wide variety of books, toys and kits for children across all age groups. You can choose from books as simple as alphabet books for kids to books to read for kids who are older.

There is no age restriction as to when you can introduce your baby to the world of books. The Nestery brings to you one of the largest and most widespread arrays of books for all age groups. For the tiniest tots, there are soft cloth books for babies that will not hurt them and will definitely attract their attention. The touch and feel cloth books can slowly be replaced by board books for babies, which are tear proof and will last a long time. While these books are colourful and vibrant, the sensory books for toddlers will prove to be extremely engaging for young minds, because of their touch and feel aspect. Another great way to get little ones interested in reading would be to use reading books with pictures or an interactive experience with pop up books for babies, infants and toddlers. Same goes with lift-the-flap books that offer a fun way to pass the time and can get kids interested in reading. 

For the older kids, you will want to consider from our collection of chapter books for kids, which are great for young readers. Alternately, they might like kids comic books as well as graphic novels for kids that have wonderful illustrations and content suitable for young readers. We find that the best way to connect children to their roots is by giving them Indian mythology books. You could also offer an introduction to Indian author books, many of which talk about moral and social values in simple ways. Books are always a great gift and when you get to choose from books combo for kids of all ages, you will also receive value for money. Another amazing gift would be picking personalized children's books and personalized album books.

When we say that we cater to children as well as parents, we mean it – here, you will also be able to find parenting books that can be helpful for learning effective parenting skills. Parenting books for moms help them prepare for the days to come and prove to be ideal for gifting as well.


Our vast customer base at Nestery is always inquisitive, and never shy away from voicing their queries. Whether you are a new parent or a parent of a teenager, we believe these questions received from our customers might resonate with you:

  • What is the right age to start reading books?

Even though it is not “actual” reading, children start reading from as early as 3–6 months – right from when their sense of sight develops fully. But the books that suit the very early age group are different from the regular ones. You can go for bright and colourful touch and feel cloth books and board books for babies to start with, and gradually move your way up to actual paper-back books. 

  • What kind of books should I offer to my 2 year old, so that he develops a love for books?

A 2 year old is very inquisitive and curious - this is the age where they love exploring and experimenting. Here are the types of books that your toddler can benefit from: 

    • Fairy tales and fictions that teach moral values and ethics, as this is the age when children learn about these values and relate the learnings with themselves and the people around. 
  • Cloth activity books for toddlers are a great choice too.
  • Board books for kids that emphasize on environmental and social awareness are a must buy. 
  • DIY activity books for kids can also be bought, as they tend to keep the toddlers engaged creatively. 
  • My kid is 4 years old, and has started reading well. Is this the right time to introduce history and mythology to her?

Oh yes!! There are plenty of options of Indian mythology books as well as ancient Indian history books which you can offer your kid to read. This will not only improve her reading habit, but also make her take more interest in Indian culture and history. 

  • Do you suggest any books for my cousin who is soon going to become a mom?

One of the best things about The Nestery is that there is something for everyone – even adults! For new parents and parents to be, there are a number of amazing parenting books that are very helpful. Whether you are looking for parenting books for moms or single parenting books, you will find them all here!

  • My kid tends to tear the pages of the books and even chews them. What should I do?

Being too small, toddlers and babies cannot contain their excitement and often use the books given to them in a rash manner. For such enthusiastic young readers, The Nestery offers best quality cloth books for babies online, which are made with fine quality cloth and are quite sturdy!! 

As far as chewing the books is concerned, you can pick amazing and cute teethers and chewy toys at Nestery, so that both the books and the baby have a fun and safe time!

Why The Nestery?

The Nestery was started by a mommy who wanted to share the joy of books and toys and more with the other mothers around. Carefully choosing every single product, The Nestery aims at offering a hassle-free experience of shopping. With kids learning books that cater to the needs of children across all age groups and varied interests, The Nestery has something for everyone! From a dreamy fiction lover to a hard-core scientist in the making, The Nestery has an amazingly vast and interesting collection of kids’ books for every child. You can start with books that have only pictures for the littlest ones and as they grow, you can introduce them to books that teach them alphabets, numbers and so on. Over time, you can give them story books and kids comic books and these make for really gifts too. 

Along with books for kids to read, The Nestery offers a variety of writing books for kids and educational activity books for kids. These booksoffer a great learning experience to the children, as well as hours of fun and frolic. All the fun kids’ activity books at The Nestery are carefully curated and selected to aptly fit the age and requirement of the children. You will also see that The Nestery is home to a range of products that are needed for children, through the ages.

Visit The Nestery today for a whole new experience of shopping and the joy of learning!