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Catch me if you can

Catch me if you can

Description: Dinosaur themed memory card game! How to Play: Colourful & fact-filled memory game where you need to match pairs of dinosaurs. Turn over two cards at a time to... Learn More
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The Wild

The Wild

Description: Flashcards to help children learn to associate words with action and animals with their sounds and movements How to Play: Pre-Readers: Great ice breakers with parents to learn all... Learn More

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Little Performers

Name: Little Performers Flashcards How to Use: Little Performers is a fun little game for your Preschoolers. It's a fun charades game where there is no competition but just pure... Learn More

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Find Me First

Name: Find Me First Flashcards How to Use: A thrilling, speedy object recognition game. A hit amongst preschoolers and parents alike. Who Finds it First??!!!! Experience the thrill of speed... Learn More

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Upcyclers Lab's My Eco Alphabets

How to Use: "Teach your kids A-Z of Sustainability. Skills learned: Alphabet and Word Recognition. Helps in Word Creation. Improves Visual Storytelling. Learn About The Environment. Material used : SB... Learn More

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A to Z of India On-the -Go Flash Cards

Name: A to Z of India On-the -Go Flash Cards Age guidance: 0-2 years What is it?: These delightful flash cards will keep your little one mesmerised on every journey you take.... Learn More

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