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Description: Dramatically visual first science books – on space, earth, water, air and places on earth. Friendly storylines initiate young children into simple scientific notions that are clarified further at the end of each book by a list of science facts. This book is a five books in the series, First Look Science, that was visualised by design students in a classroom project with Srishti, Bengaluru.

Age: 6+

(1) BHOOMI’S STORY: SPACE - Bhoomi the gentle planet plays games with her friend, Moon, traces star patterns, watches blazing comets whizz by... It's exciting to live in Space!
(2) BOONDI’S STORY: WATER - Playful Boondi is a little drop of water who rolls and tumbles in the river. One hot day he feels himself being lifted up, up, up into the sky into a big, heavy cloud. What now?
(3) DHOOLI’S STORY: AIR - Dhooli, a tiny speck of dust, flits and floats in the air with her friends. She flies past clouds and birds and aeroplanes. She watches rainbows in the sky. What else does she do in the air?
(4) GITTI’S STORY: EARTH - Gitti the rock is very old. After a long, long journey that started from the boiling hot centre of the earth, he now sits quietly on a mountain, watching the sun rise and set. What is his story?
(5) BEEJI’S STORY: EARTH’S SURFACE - Super-seed Beeji is off on a super-ride! Zooming over icy lands and hot deserts, swooshing down a river… she's a tough little seed who loves adventure but is happy to be back on soft soil. A Beeji-eye view of different landforms.