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As a parent, you want nothing but the best for your child – from the minute they enter your lives, you want to go that extra mile to ensure that they have the finest that the world has to offer. When you are looking to buy new born babies dress, you will look for fabric that is as soft as your hands on the little one’s skin. When you are looking for kids sleepwear, you will want material that will keep them feeling snug and comfortable as they drift into dreamland. And when you pick stylish outfits for kids, you will wish to ensure that all eyes are on your little prince or princess!

When it comes to our tiny tots, we are not willing to make any compromises; we want the best. Whether you are looking for new born babies dress or Diwali outfits for kids, you will not truly be bothered about the price tag. However, you will want to know what kind of fabric has been used to make these clothes. It would be important that stitching does not pinch the little ones and the sequins do not cut the skin. Most importantly, you will want clothes that will allow them to have fun all day long! 

If you choose to do kidswear shopping at The Nestery, you can be pretty sure that you will find the prettiest and cutest clothes for your tiny tots. All the clothes are made with carefully chosen fabrics, with accessories that are gentle on the skin and are designed in a way that allows them freedom of movement, no matter how long they are in that outfit. 

For you your little one is already a star, but with the right clothes, they will look like that to the rest of the world too. At The Nestery, we bring a huge range of clothing options that are gorgeous to look at and super comfortable to wear. When you look at the top wear collection for kids of all ages, you will see that all of them are made using super soft fabric. You will find infant wear options made using muslin and tops and t-shirts made with high grade cotton. There are plenty of party wear tops and kurtas for girls and boys and there are also several regular wear options for all age groups.

Just like top wear, The Nestery also has plenty of options in terms of bottom wear too – from pant sets to shorts, from trackpants and joggers to lehengas and culottes. Whether you want trendy bottom wear for regular use or traditional girls bottom wear for special occasions, we pretty much have it all! All of the options are made using high grade fabrics, allowing breathability and immense comfort. In case you want full sets – tops with shorts, leggings, pants or kurta-pyjamas, we offer a lot of choice there too.

There is something truly adorable about little girls in kids party wear dresses with ruffles and embellishments, especially like the ones you will find at The Nestery. We bring to you a huge collection of pure cotton frocks as well as traditional dresses for festive and special occasions. And while there are several choices when it comes to modern outfits, there is no dearth of traditional wear either. Pick the perfect Indian outfits for kids for traditional and festive occasions for bothgirls and boys. Whether you want full sleeves, half or sleeveless, there is something for everyone. There is also variety in terms of sizes, colours, patterns and prints!

Now, you might have picked the best-looking clothes for your kids, but without the right innerwear, it might not be as comfortable. Pick from inner wear for kids that is super soft and comfortable - panties and bloomers in varied colours and prints will be perfect kids girls inner wear. You can choose from boxers and briefs for boys kids inner wear. We also offer vests and camisoles for all age groups and training bras for teenagers.

After a long day of mischief, your little ones will want to enjoy a good night’s sleep and with super comfortable kids sleepwear online at The Nestery, they certainly will! There are onesies and full rompers for toddlers, sleepwear for kids including coordinated sets and adorable pyjama sets for girls and boys of all age groups.

Come winters, and we have the cutest winter wear for kids made with fine quality wool – pick from sweaters, woollen caps as well as jogger sets. And no matter what the season, you will need socks for kids – at The Nestery, you can buy single pieces or sets. From anti-skid booties to baby shoes, there is so much to choose from.

Finally, complete the look with The Nestery’s selection of accessories - scrunchies, hairbands, clips and more on offer, right here!

Now that you know what all is on offer at The Nestery in terms of kids clothing, we are pretty sure that you would still have a few questions or doubts in your mind. Why don’t you check out our most frequently asked questions and if you still don’t find your answer, drop us a query and we will be glad to respond:

  • What is a swaddle cloth?

Swaddling is an age-old tradition – a new born is often wrapped snugly in a blanket or soft cloth to restrict the movement of limbs too much and give babies the feeling of still being inside the womb. At The Nestery, you can pick from a range of incredibly soft and high quality swaddle cloths. 

  • My daughter tends to sit in the weirdest of positions, but I do want her to look great at this family event we have. What should I do?

We can totally understand your grief! You should check out our ethnic bottom wear selections, which you would be able to team with traditional top wear. Alternately, you could shop from our traditional wear for kids like shararas with matching tops and dupattas; given that the sharara is like a pant, your daughter will be able to move easily, without you having to worry about how she sits, jumps or runs! 

  • My 10-year-old is starting to develop breasts. But isn’t she too young for a regular bra?

Absolutely! She is too young for a regular bra, but her body will need some form of support, which is why we would suggest that you look at our collection of training bras. You can choose from a variety of colours, prints and patterns. We would also suggest that you also look at our other inner wear for kids online, such as camisoles, which are great to be worn along with training bras. 

  • I want my son to get into the habit of changing into night clothes, but he refuses to listen. What should I do?

It’s simple - get him kids sleepwear online from The Nestery, that has pictures of his favourite super heroes! Not only will he look forward to getting into those clothes, he just might not want to get out of them! 

Why The Nestery?

There is an entire band of mothers at work at The Nestery, and there is no one better than a mother to choose what works best for children. With these mothers curating kids clothing and more, you can be sure that everything will be picture perfect for your little one. This is not just another website that sells clothing for children of all age groups – it’s a careful curation of products that will be considered safe for every child. 

Should you choose from the extensive selection of wedding outfits for kids that we offer, you can be assured that they will look incredibly cute. The prints and patterns are ethnic, with a touch of modern; the fabrics will offer all day comfort, the stitches will not itch and the accessories will not scratch the tender skin! When you pick t-shirt for kids along with matching shorts or leggings, you can be sure that the fabric will be super soft and the colours will not bleed. And then there is our collection of kids sleepwear and inner wear for kids that are both cute and comfortable! 

So, what are you waiting for – start filling up your cart for your little ones and watch the absolute glee on their face, when they see their favourite cartoon characters or their beloved dinosaurs on their clothes!