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From the time our baby arrives, we want all that is good and sweet for the little wonder. From clothes, to toys, to infant baby carriers, we want nothing less than the best. Whatever be the situation - at home or while travelling, we want them to be cosy and comfortable. However, there are a lot of challenges that tend to come along with the baby. Be it carrying the baby around all the time, or making the baby sleep, or giving him/her a bath – if not done in a proper and comfortable way, it can be challenging rather than being enjoyable, which it should be! That’s where The Nestery comes into play – right from the moment the baby arrives till he or she develops wings to fly away from your nest, we have everything to make your lives, as that of your little ones easier. We at The Nestery aim at doing that only, which is why we offer you amazing options to keep your little ones comfortable, wherever they are. Check out our collection of beautiful beds, cute cots and unique baby carriers, and you will see what we mean! 

We bring to you an array of baby carriers, car seats and strollers, traveling diaper bags, inflatable bath tubs and more that will keep your baby comfortable and make your life a little easier. Everything that you find in the virtual aisles of The Nestery rank high in terms of quality, but will ensure that you don’t have to break the bank! If you choose The Nestery to shop for kids gear and carriers, you can be pretty sure that you will find the sturdiest and the most functional ones for your tiny tots, perfect for home as well as traveling. 

Travelling with a new-born is often a task, mainly because you have so many things to carry. Shop at The Nestery, and you will have a solution for all your problems! There are baby slings and carriers in various sizes and designs as well as car seats and strollers that make travel a breeze. These are all designed to offer absolute comfort to the baby and provide the required safety and protection too. There are also portable beds for kids, that offer a proper sleep, even while travelling. And when you are travelling with a little one, you will most certainly need big and small diaper bags too. At The Nestery, we bring to you a wide selection of diaper bags, which you can get customized too. These bags have plenty of pockets and holders, offering you an easy-peasy travel solution.

Bath time is a great opportunity for parents to bond with their babies; we at The Nestery have plenty of bath time accessories on offer too. There are bath chairs for babies as well as bath tubs that have anti-skid technology, ensuring complete safety. Other bath essentials like mats, caps, baby bath mugs and rinsers can be purchased from our site. There are plenty of options for hooded towels and washcloths, soap dispensers, toothbrush holders and bath mitts too!

Even the fussiest eaters will sit and eat in peace, when they have seated in sturdy, soft and comfortable wooden baby high chairs. At The Nestery, you will have access to some of the finest high chairs and boosters, no matter the age group. And just like high chairs, we also offer rockers, bouncers and swings, which are sure to keep your little ones happily occupied.

In time, your little ones will start to grow up and that will be the time to introduce them to the world of baby tricycles! Not only are these a great way to explore the world around, but also to improve gross motor skills. Everything that you find in the virtual aisles of The Nestery is handpicked and carefully selected to offer highest comfort and greatest safety. 

As exhaustive is the list of products we offer at The Nestery, just as lengthy is the questions that we receive. We receive a lot of questions and they tend to go beyond just the baby carriers. Here are just some of the queries that come our way: 

  • I need a new car seat for my twins. Which ones are the best?

There are plenty of options at The Nestery. We suggest that you choose twin strollers with two car seats, instead of looking for two identical car seats. Not only will it be functionally more useful, but also aesthetically more pleasing.

  • What kind of bathtubs do you suggest for my 6 month old baby?

A baby bath is not just about cleaning up the baby – it’s a moment of bonding, play time and loads of fun. But there are certain risks, a slippery surface being the most challenging one. So, you should opt for bath tubs for babies that have anti-skid properties. Also, you can opt for bath mats, and baby bath chairs.

  • Since I am a working mom, it’s my mother who is responsible for feeding my 2 year old to feed him. But he refuses to sit down in one place. What should I do?

We totally understand how active a toddler can be, especially when it's time to eat! The best way to arrest his activities during feeding time is to let him sit on baby feeding high chairs while eating. This way, not only will the child not be able to walk around while eating, but also enjoy the food given to him. It is also a great way to train the child to eat on his own. Our baby high chairs are designed to offer high levels of safety, while ensuring every meal-time is an enjoyable one.

  • I am a working mom, and at times I don’t get enough time to rock my baby to sleep. She feels cranky, and I feel guilty. Please help!

We can totally understand your plight, and that of your baby too. When a baby can’t sleep properly, she is bound to be cranky and restless. To help you with your troubles, we advise you to pick our bouncers, rockers & swings. We have automatic rockers and bouncers that would not only enable your baby to sleep peacefully, but also let you work comfortably. 

Why The Nestery?

No one knows their child better than a mommy – and that’s why the mommy gang at The Nestery knows the best! These amazing mothers have carefully chosen every single thing that your baby may need – right from the moment the baby comes into this world, till they become independent teenagers. You carry your child in your womb, but when he/she comes out, you need a proper support system to make movement and the everyday routine easier. That’s what the range of baby gear at The Nestery does for you - be a support system! From car seats and strollers to disposable diaper bags, and from infant bath tubs to bouncers and rockers, there is a solution to every need of your precious little one.

When you choose The Nestery to buy your child’s things, you can be assured about the quality of the products you are purchasing. Each baby high chair, all the baby wrap carriers on offer are all made with high quality materials and are chosen to offer complete comfort to the little ones. In addition to that, we also do pay attention to giving you complete worth for your money; which is why you can shop at The Nestery, without a care in the world! 

Come and explore the widest range of baby carriers, baby bikes and a lot more – amazing designs at the most amazing prices only at The Nestery!