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The answer to the question as to what makes a child happy is often a wrapped gift! When we buy gifts for our baby, our sole intention is to see our baby happy; those giggles and that sparkle in their eyes can melt our hearts. Gifting is undoubtedly an art – planning, choosing, wrapping and finally presenting – all that doesn’t happen easily! Whether it is a small doll or a magnificent wooden doll house, there are plenty of options for gifts for baby girls. And these days, there are plenty of options for gifts for baby boys too, as long as you know where to look. 

The basic purpose of gifting is to make someone happy – be it elders or small kids. And the joy that can be seen on the faces of kids when they receive gifts is often indescribable! Unlike grown-ups, they don’t go by the cost or size of the gift, just the fact that someone is giving them something brings great joy to them. At The Nestery, you can shop for some absolutely wonderful gifts, and bring more joy to the faces of your little ones. From simple and modest gifts for tweens to luxury baby gifts, you will find a wide range of gift options for children at Nestery.

For most children, their absolute favourite day is their birthday - they literally wait an entire year for their birthday. And the main reason for that excitement are the loads of gifts they will receive! Many kids are also excited for the return gifts they would give to their friends, who attend their birthday party. Kids often ask their parents to celebrate their birthdays based on themes, and enjoy seeing matching decor too! Themes such as fairy tales, Disney characters and superheroes are the most popular among children of all ages. 

At The Nestery, we understand children’s excitement about gifts and parties, and thus have plenty of options to choose from. 

We bring to you a wide variety of gift articles, return gifts for birthday parties and also other gifting options such as universal gift cards, in addition to party supplies and more. You can also personalize the gifts and party supplies, as per your needs and choices. So you can not only make your children happy, but also make other children happy when they come to your little one’s party!! 

Birthdays are always special and they are made all the more special when there are gifts! At The Nestery, you will be able to find some of the most unique and interesting birthday gifts for kids. If you are having a party, you will also need return gifts for birthday parties and there too, we can come to your rescue! From books, toys, stationery, DIY activities, there will be so much for you to choose from. And in case, you want something that is truly unique, you can even pick personalised gifts. Or why not consider something a little more exclusive, such as silver and gold gifts!

It’s not like gifts are needed only for birthdays – there could also be a baby shower and at The Nestery, you will not never have a dearth of baby shower gift ideas. Whether you want the appropriate decorations for each occasion or you want wrapping paper that will make the gifts look prettier, you will be able to find it here.

And if by any chance, you are not sure about what to pick, you can always peruse through our collection of gift hampers for birthday or keep it really simple with gift cards! 


Purchasing a gift for someone, kid or adult, can be pretty daunting. Our minds are filled with confusion and questions - what to buy and what not to buy. There are doubts related to the budget and the quality of the gift and so on. Here are just some of the questions we have received over time. Hope you find them useful too:

  • Do you have any gift hampers that might suit my 6 months old nephew?

The best thing about a 6 month old baby is that his or her necessities are bare minimum – mainly clothes, feeding accessories and toys! At Nestery you can find the best baby gifts, at the best prices, and of the best quality. Here are some of the options for the little ones – 

  • Baby hampers with clothes or sleepsuits, mittens, beanies and teethers
  • A pack of mommy and baby essentials 
  • Rattles and musical toys
  • Cuddle toys
  • Quirky gifts such as milestone cards, door hangers and crowns
  • What should I give as a return gift to the guests at my 9YO daughter’s birthday party?

Return gifts are not just trendy, they are often considered mandatory, when you call your kid’s friends for a birthday party. At The Nestery, we offer a wide range of unique return gifts for kids, based on popular themes as well. Whether you are looking for books, toys or stationery, you will find it all here. The Nestery also gives you the option of customised return gifts for kids, making the joy of giving even greater! Not only birthdays, you can explore the range of handmade return gifts for kids for various occasions.

  • I am throwing a baby shower for my sister. Is there anything that The Nestery can offer?

Not only the new-borns or tweens, we know how to make mommies-to-be happy as well! At The Nestery, there are a number of options with which you can make your sister’s baby shower photos look even more memorable. From baby shower gift ideas to baby shower decorations, there is a lot you can find here. You can also personalize your decorations and gifts too.

  • My friend has given me a Nestery Gift Card. What is the procedure to use it?

Most of the gift cards have certain hidden issues with them – additional charges, mode of usage, validity, etc., but The Nestery gift cards are simply the best! Easy to use, no extra charges and no expiry date! All you need to do is to use the code mentioned in the card at the time of check out, and the amount in the gift card will be applied as a discount. It’s that simple! 

Why The Nestery?

The core idea behind The Nestery is spreading happiness and joy. Whether we talk about books, stationery or home décor, our energies are channelled towards giving you the best. Best, not only in terms of usage, but also in terms of quality – something that would not only make the children happy, but also keep the environment safe. The Nestery has a carefully curated collection of amazing birthday gifts for kids, as well as personalised return gifts for kids’ birthday party and a lot more from the world of gifting. Not only simple birthday gifts for kids, The Nestery offers amazingly pretty gold and silver gifts for your little bundles of joy. Whether you are planning your little one’s birthday or looking for a gift for another little one, it's all on offer here! 

At The Nestery, there is so much to choose from that there is little to no chance that the receiver doesn’t grin from ear to ear! And in case you are not sure about what to buy for someone - simply pick The Nestery gift cards! In short, The Nestery can actually make gifting easy, economic and above all, efficient!

If you are planning for a celebration that will remain memorable for the longest time, just shop at The Nestery!