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They say learning begins from the womb of the mother. Studies have shown that at around 18 weeks, the foetus is able to start hearing. This is why mothers to be are often asked to listen to soothing music or positive conversations and so on. Once the baby is out into the world, you can carry the process forward with a range of early learning toys, books and more. As a parent, you will always be your little one’s first teacher. You will start by teaching them how to stand, how to walk, how to talk, how to eat and so much more. And then there will be times, when you will need early learning baby toys, books and more, most of which you should be able to find at The Nestery. 

There is no compulsion that learning and teaching have to happen in any set manner – each parent and each child is different and we at The Nestery, we understand that. This is why we offer you everything from flashcards for kids to make learning quick and mobile to play and learn educational toys that ensure hours of fun and learning. While as an infant your little one will turn to you for all their learning needs, they will eventually have to make their way to a school. Get them ready with everything they need – choose from a range of school bags for kids. Get them their favourite pencil boxes with their favourite characters and kids planners that allows them to stay organised. 

No matter which one of the readymade learning kits you pick from The Nestery, you can be sure that it will give your little one a chance to learn while they have fun. If they are artists in the making, there are art easels for kids and if you see a future scientist, then perhaps AR learning kits. At The Nestery, it will be a problem of plenty – you just might find it hard to pick and choose!

There is no specific age when learning needs to start because when you have the entire inventory of The Nestery at your disposal, it can start as early as you want. We have a huge selection of early learning toys for babies, infants and toddlers to teach everything from the alphabets and numbers to telling time. When you buy early learning books too, you can teach plenty of things, because these books have colourful pictures and large sized text. The toys and books are mostly travel friendly, which is why they make for wonderful gifts too.

Another really good way to assist early learning is through the method of play. The Nestery has plenty of options that allow little ones to learn through play. While books and toys are a great way to teach concepts and life skills, learning flashcards for kids allow for easy introduction to new concepts and can be carried anywhere. You will even find educational flashcards for babies that can help them with focus and familiarise them with colours, shapes etc.

For the longest time, and till date, books are considered the best way to enhance learnings and The Nestery has a huge collection of books for all age groups. From a wide range of kids activity books to keep them happily occupied to reference books for kids in school, there is plenty of choice here. But what if your little one is not really into reading yet; what if they want something else to keep them busy? Well then, you will love our selection of busy boards and busy boxes; we have options to fit every budget and every age group. We also bring to you several readymade learning kits for kids of all ages that allow easy and fun learning sessions. These are great ways to improve writing and reading skills as well as learn about school subjects. All our books, busy boards and boxes comes in singles and in combos as well and are great gifting options.

We at The Nestery like to stay in tandem with the times, which is why we also offer several varieties of robotics sets for kids and artificial reality and interactive learning options. In addition to that, there are also several tech products such as watches for kids with popular characters, mousepads, earphones with soft buds and mobile phone holders.

Learning also means going to school and having to spend time writing, drawing and colouring. This is why, at The Nestery, we have a huge collection of stationery items too. Notebooks, pens and pencils, crayons for kids, pen stands, pencil boxes for kids and folders; we have it all. You can buy all these products in singles or in sets and combos and if you want, you can get them personalised too. To carry everything to school and activity classes, we also bring to you several types of bags - school bags for kids for all age groups, kids pouches to store stationery and so on. New parents might want to look at diaper bags and tote bags too for their spacious interiors and stylish exteriors!

If by any chance you are looking for ways by which you can stop the scribbling on the walls, you can look at our collection of small and large blackboards or perhaps easels for kids. These will allow the children a chance to explore their creative side, without making a mess elsewhere. To teach children more about planning their days and valuing their time, there are calendars in several designs. With our planners for kids, children can write down important things. And while there are journals for kids on offer here, there are also those for parents.

At The Nestery, we see ourselves more than just an online store where you can pick things you will need for your child; we see ourselves as a community. That is why we always welcome questions and queries – here are some of the most common ones we get related to learning tools:

  • Is it possible to make bath time a learning opportunity too?

Absolutely – every minute of the day offers you learning and teaching opportunities. Get some early learning bath toys that could be animals or shapes. You can teach colours too with the same toys. 

  • My kid is struggling with math. Can you help?

Why don’t you check out our collection of books and activity kits – they should be able to help. Or why not pick our online number flashcards games, which will allow you to keep teaching, even when you are on the move. 

  • As a kid I remember using normal playing cards for a game of memory. But I would like to give my child a better option – do you have any?

Oh yes, we have a huge variety of learning games for kids memory improvement at The Nestery. 

  • My three-year-old and her best friend seem to enjoy colouring all over the floor these days. Can you help me reduce the cleaning?

Why not get them matching coloring activity books for kids? They can open the same page and colour in with shared crayons! Should help you keep your floors clean! 

  • My nephew seems to have found a brand-new interest in building things that move and make sounds. What should I get him?

At The Nestery, you will be able to choose from a range of interactive learning and robotics sets for kids. We are sure that your nephew will like some of these. 

  • What are good ideas for me to send with my kid to school for his birthday?

Why don’t you browse through the huge collection of stationery items that are on offer at The Nestery! You can buy stationery items online here, for almost every age group and budget. Pens, pencils, pouches and so much more on offer here. 

  • I want to surprise my kids for their new academic year. Can you suggest something?

Why not get personalised notebooks for kids – they will feel so special when they whip out a notebook with their name printed on it. You could even get personalized folders for kids that will allow them to keep their papers and notes organised. 

  • We are constant travellers and want our daughter to feel like she is an independent traveller too. Do you have any suggestions?

You should start by investing in some trolley bags for kids – give them the chance to pack a few things on their own. For instance, they can choose a few clothes, maybe some books and toys. You should also get some cute kids pouches that will allow them to store their knick-knacks neatly. 

Why The Nestery:

There are those who will ask us why they should shop at The Nestery. To them we say this – we are brand that is run almost completely by real parents. This means that we not only know the importance of early learning educational toys but also how they need to keep evolving as the kids grow. We have a fair idea of what will be needed at what age – so while toddlers might need early learning wooden toys, the older kids might need the best reference books for kids. As real-life parents, the team at The Nestery not only know what the kids will need, but also what will work for them. Each of the products that you find in the virtual aisles here has been chosen with a lot of care and concern. 

And no, we are not an online store that caters only to the little ones – we offer plenty of options for older kids too. Whether you want snazzy kids school bags or you are looking for pouches for kids that will hold everything needed on a school day, its all here! Nurture the talents and passions of your little ones from a young age. Let the artist thrive with their own painting easels for kids or let them explore the world with educational activity books for kids. Parents can choose items for not only their children, but also pick unique gifts or even return gifts. And then there shopping options for parents too – all you need to do is browse through The Nestery site!