Jungle Combo-2

Jungle Combo-2

Description: A combo of 5 books that have fun animal stories and a set of 'Wild' Flashcards. Cuts across reading levels1. Bheema, The Sleepyhead: Bheema has a problem that many of... Learn More
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Jungle combo-1

Jungle combo-1

Description: A combo of 3 books that have fun animal stories and a set of Wild flashcards . Cuts across reading levels 1. Ghum Ghum Gharials glorious adventure: Ghum-Ghum Gharial... Learn More
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Just for laughs combo

Description: A combo of 5 books that guarantee rib-tickling laughter and giggles. Cuts across reading levels. Baby giggles are the best aren't they? 1. Daddy's mo: What does Anu like... Learn More
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Early readers combo

Early-Readers Learn More

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Self awareness combo

Description: A combo of 4 books that touch upon self-awareness, both physical, and emotional. Cuts across reading levels. 1. Rani's first day at school: What does Rani see on her... Learn More

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Money matters combo

Description: A combo of 2 books that talk about the concept of money . For older kids. 1. How money travels!: Money travels from one person to another, one place... Learn More

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Bilingual combo

Description: A combo of 2 bilingual books that foster independence in kids . Cuts across reading levels. 1. I am not afraid: A little girl goes out in the dar.... Learn More

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My City My Dogs

Description: Meet the street dogs of Mumbai. The roads are their playground and they have made the city and the people their own. The pictures in this book have been... Learn More

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The Mystery of the Cyber Friend

Description: Shree loves learning new things on the computer. It has games and it has social media sites! She is thrilled to make a new friend on one such site.... Learn More

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The Sunshower Song

Description: When the sun shines on a rainy day, all the animals of the forest know what’s about to happen: music and magic at the jackals’ wedding! The wedding guests... Learn More

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There's a Hole in My Galaxy

Description: Three friends blast off from Earth in a rocket to explore the Solar System. Suddenly, they find themselves being pulled by a black hole. Do they manage to escape?... Learn More

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Mission Cycle

Description: Noorain is eager to learn cycling so that she can win a race against her best friend Wasim. But Noorain’s Mission Cycle is complicated by C-U-R-F-E-W in her city.... Learn More

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How Old Is Muttajji?

Description: Putta and Putti know that Muttajji is really, really old. But exactly HOW old is she? Join the twin detectives on an exciting mathematical journey through Muttajji’s memories and... Learn More

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Kaakasaurus Rex

Description: Raji is having a terrible day. First, a crow gobbled up her bajji. And now it’s trying to gobble up her best friend Salim! Can it get any worse?... Learn More

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The Hare And The Tortoise

Description: Remember how the slow and steady tortoise beat the arrogant hare in that great race long ago? Now the two are back together again, and they have a task... Learn More

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Talking in Twos

Description: Computers use a special language called Binary. This has only two symbols–0 and 1. But it manages to pass on the most complex messages. Learn More

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Farida Plans A Feast

Description: Why does Farida fill her tiffin box with different food items every day? Join her as she meets a few friends along the way. Learn More

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The Tino, the Rhear, and the Biger

Tingu Tiger is not happy with his furry orange skin, so he exchanges it with Ranga Rhino is nice grey one. But when he wants his skin back, Ranga has... Learn More

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A book for Puchku

Puchku has run out of books to read. Then she discovers more books in the top shelf of the library bookcase. But Puchku is smakk, and the bookcase tall. How... Learn More
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A Butterfly Smile

Description: Kavya’s family has just moved from her village to Bengaluru and she is the newest girl in her class. Go along with Kavya as she visits a butterfly park... Learn More

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Sailing Ships and Sinking Spoons

Description: Tenzin and Tashi, two young Tibetan monks, and Genla, the beloved storyteller of the monastery, wonder why a small steel spoon sinks in water but a huge ship floats.... Learn More

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The Red Fairy

Description: Little Meeto dreams about cars and knows everything about them. One day she meets Red Fairy, a car that can do things that no other car can. Learn More

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Tine and the Faraway Mountain

Description: Whooshoo! In the hilly town of Echali, Tine hears the mountains calling to her. Can Tine reach the top of the highest mountain in the world? Based on the... Learn More

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One Summer Afternoon

Description: Children in the village grow up in close proximity with other living beings. Read this touching story of how they learn some important life lessons. Learn More

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Kottavi Raja And His Sleepy Kingdom

Description: Kottavi Raja had trouble sleeping. Only at night. During the day, when his ministers discussed complex problems, he’d find himself nodding of f. He asked everyone for remedies. Nothing... Learn More

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How Heavy Is Heavy?

Description: A stone is heavier than a feather and lighter than a rock. So is the stone heavy or is it light? Can we know for sure how heavy (or... Learn More

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Fly in Space

Description: Two fruit flies are born on Earth and raised in space. Learn More

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A Perfect Match

Description: When the Halwas and the Jalebis were playing against each other, it was more than just a hockey match. It was a game full of delectable thrills where talent,... Learn More

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Uma Versus Upma

Description: Uma never eats her breakfast. Instead, she plays with it. Can anything stop Uma from playing with her food? Learn More

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Description: It’s the day of the Famous Football Cup and poor Divya has the sniffles! Will she be able to play? Read this story to find out what happens to... Learn More

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Laundry Day

Description: It’s Mary’s favourite time of day – washing time! Meet Mary and her neighbours as they get their day off to a fresh, clean start. Learn More

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Daddy's Mo

Description: What does Anu like the most about her dad? His Mo! Do you know what a Mo is? Actually, Anu likes everyone with a Mo. So much so that... Learn More

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Biju spins some magic

Biju and his family are weavers in rural Odisha. They create beautiful fabrics to sell in the cities of India and aboad. This is a tale of Biju's adventures when... Learn More

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When will Amma be back

Roja's mother leaves for work early in the day. She promises to be back by bedtime. What will Roja do all day wothout Amma? Learn More
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Ready? Yes! Play!

Description: Anu loves cricket and her dream is to play the game. Find out how Anu bowls everyone over when she plays her first match. Learn More

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Season 5 Winter Hot Tea And Warm Rugs

Description: Meenu’s smart winter uniforms are out and the air is filled with the aroma of roasted nuts. Not to forget a cloud of mist in front of her mouth... Learn More

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Rain Rain

Description: Roll along with the cloud as it brings rain and joy! Learn More

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No Smiles Today

Description: Shanti was a happy girl. No one had seen her sad or quiet. Then one day she went very quiet. What had happened to Shanti? Learn More

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Too Big! Too Small!

Description: Shanu is too big for Ammi to lift her. And too small to go to school alone. Take a look at this small story and find out if you... Learn More

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Fat King Thin Dog

Description: Run along with the Fat King after the Thin Dog! Learn More

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The Little Red String

Description: Nani has just finished knitting a cap for a special visitor. Moni and Viru find that the leftover red string is the most useful thing in the house. A... Learn More

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Aaloo maloo Kaloo

One day Maaloo had to get some potatoes from his kitchen garden. Who do you think helped him? Kaaloo, of course! Read about Maaloo’s morning with Kaaloo as they found... Learn More

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Curly And Straight

Description: Do you like curly tails or straight tails? There are some things we like whether straight or curly! Learn More

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