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Happy birthday to us! Watch out for daily offers in our homepage banner.
Happy birthday to us! Watch out for daily offers in our homepage banner.


Rs. 2,520.00

DESCRIPTION: A perfect toy for out of the box thinking, open ended and independent play. Rainbow, Flame, Stone cave, Wave represent the 4 Elements : Air, Fire, Earth, Water. Each of the four elements is represented in this innovative building set more like waves or organic forms than traditional geometric blocks, these distinctive building shapes create mountain ranges, swirling oceans, alien landscapes, winding highways, futuristic skylines and a gallery of sculptures. Oversized set includes wooden tray to use as a building platform or for storage after playtime.

HOW TO USE: Colourful solid wood shapes can be used as puzzle pieces or creative blocks. It is a puzzle to solve or a large building blocks set. Also can be used to create scenes with wooden figures or puppet shows.

SKILLS: Its stimulates reasoning skills, spatial awareness, problem solving skills, enhances creativity, refines eye-hand co-ordination and motor skills, boosts critical thinking and deep play, color-recognition, nesting and stacking ability.

DIMENSIONS: 10 inches approx, 2.5 kgs

MANUFACTURING: Handcrafted in India. This 4 elements puzzle set has been cut from a single piece of pine wood and naturally stained using non-toxic, water-based colour. This natural finish allows the grain of the wood to shine through and ensures that these wave blocks are safe for little ones and perfect for natural play.

DISCLAIMER: Please note that knots, patterns and rich grain colours are part of the natural beauty of the wood and are not faults. Each rainbow is cut from a single block of wood and you'll often see the same features continuing through the various puzzle pieces.

BOX CONTAINS: 23 pieces excluding tray