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Goki Wooden Calculating Sticks (Math Game)

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Age guidance: 4 Years +
How to use: Goki - calculating sticks "To begin with, the world of numbers does not yet mean much to children. The numerical world is abstract. This teaching tool visualises numbers and results in a broader sense. The world of numbers and quantities opens up most playfully. Naturally, instructions are included in the high-quality beech wood box.Using fraction bars allow to discover and develop mathematical concepts through experimentation (colors, sizes, order, numbers), forms of expression and acquire adequate representation, making series and ratings, numerical competence, develop and apply the basic principles to count, recognize numbers up to 9, beginning in the calculation and number symbolism, decompose numbers, understand the dozen, know the serial number to 100, know addition, subtraction and multiplication, discover equivalence and inclusion relationships and properties of adds, establish relations of similarity and difference, equivalence, know and use quantifiers (length, less, more, well, short, the same...)
Contains: 36 pieces in a wooden box
Skills developed:  Problem Solving, Curiosity
Material: Wood
Certifications: EN71 Certified, BIS Certified
Learning philosophies: montessori