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10% OFF on your First Purchase, use code FIRSTBUY | Min. Order INR 500
10% OFF on your First Purchase, use code FIRSTBUY
Min. Order INR 500


Parenting sometimes feels like a video game, doesn’t it? Every time you feel you have got the hang of it, the game levels up with new challenges! And you just want that one magical place, that gives you just the best of everything you need, to deal with every new challenge…

That’s exactly how we felt… And that was where The Nestery was born – your one magical place for just the best things for your child and you.

What we do is very simple –

  1. We look for the best products from the best brands, that are not just completely safe but actually useful, and make them available to you.
  2. We write our own parenting related content, that is scientifically backed up by research, so that “you do better when you know better”.

The Team

Vaishnavi R

The brains behind The Nestery. Leaving her job at a top tier consulting firm, Vaishnavi started The Nestery in 2019. It was born out of a personal need – as a new parent, when you find it so difficult to hunt for the best products and right information for your child, what do you do? Start it on your own.

T S Viswanathan

After 10 years of corporate experience, TSV joined The Nestery in 2020. Problem solver, trouble shooter, and just generally everything to do with efficiency at The Nestery – that is him. Keep it simple.


What has she not done? Hospitality, banking and full-time parenting!! And then she joined The Nestery to write parenting content for their blog, and to manage The Nestery's social media pages. Somewhere along the way, she lost track of her job description and now she juggles a lot more for The Nestery – the READ category is her baby, and so is making lists and getting the team to follow them!