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About us

What is ‘The Nestery’?


The Nestery is a marketplace for natural parenting products and services. Natural Parenting is a value system that believes in child-led, responsive, respectful, gentle, and sustainable parenting choices.


Our broader vision is to guide parents and parents-to-be towards making evidence-based and sustainable parenting choices with the help of our information discovery platform. As the saying goes – “When you know better, you do better”. To this end, The Nestery perseveres relentlessly to be the meeting point of science, sustainability, parenting and liberal values.


Vaishnavi (Founder, The Nestery) conceived The Nestery as an inclusive space for families of all hues and espouse liberal values akin to equality and pro-choice.

Why sustainability?



“We Do Not Inherit the Earth from Our Ancestors; We Borrow It from Our Children”


Who are the people behind 'The Nestery'?


Vaishnavi, Founder


Vaishnavi is the face behind 'The Nestery'. She has 8 years of corporate experience including 5 years with a Big-4 consulting firm.


In the early days of their co-parenting journey, Vaishnavi and her spouse found that science-backed parenting content, especially in the Indian context was limited to just a few social media support groups. These support groups helped them discover the world of natural parenting, and its philosophies, products and brands.


By creating The Nestery, Vaishnavi aims to save the time and effort of new parents by giving this niche brand eco-system a glorious umbrella under which it can thrive.


Aparna, Head - Content


Aparna is the person behind the content at The Nestery. She has eight years of corporate experience in banking, last having worked at an international bank in India. A chance meeting between Aparna and Vaishnavi at their children’s common school was the spark for this collaboration.


Aparna firmly believes in child-led and responsive parenting and resolutely strives to be a better parent every day. She wishes that the content that she constantly collates and creates at The Nestery is instrumental in lending a helping hand to parents in becoming better informed.