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Our Story:

Parenting sometimes feels like a video game, doesn’t it? Every time you feel you have got the hang of it, the game levels up with new challenges! And you just want that one magical place, that gives you just the best of everything you need, to deal with every new challenge that parenting throws at you…

That’s exactly how we felt… And that was how The Nestery was born. We help you bring together handpicked, safe, original, parent-approved products for you and your little ones

What we do -

As parents, for every decision for our little ones, we spend hours researching, then confirming if our research is right with our friends/family/experts, then we agonize over if we chose right or wrong.

At The Nestery, we want to be your partner in parenting, someone who does the thinking for you. We help you with what you need, just when you need it.

How we do it -

  1. Curation: So that you don’t get overwhelmed by irrelevant choices

  2. Empathetic cataloging: We are parents, we think like parents, so that you don’t need to spend hours researching what to buy, when to buy, and how to search

  3. Social recommendations: So that you can get recommendation from the person or community that you trust the most

Our Team

We are a team of first-time entrepreneurs who have started The Nestery because, we deeply believe that the modern parent is ready for a new experience when it comes to shopping for their child.

A more intuitive, simple, empathetic experience.

Vaishnavi R

Vaishnavi started The Nestery in 2019. It was born out of a personal need – as a new parent, when you find it so difficult to hunt for the best products and right information for your child, what do you do? Start it on your own.

Her motto: Just take that leap of faith.

SCMHRD '08-10, Ex-TNS, Ex-Deloitte Consulting

T S Viswanathan

TSV joined The Nestery in 2020. Problem solver, trouble shooter, and just generally everything to do with efficiency at The Nestery - just like this blurb!

His motto: Design over default, progress over perfection

IIM Indore '08-'10, Ex- L&T Financial Services, Ex-Paytm


Aparna joined The Nestery to manage content & social media. Somewhere along the way, she lost track of her job description and now she is the boss of all, khaleesi of lists and the execution powerhouse at The Nestery

Her motto: Roll up your sleeves, pull up your socks, figure it out and get it done.

IHM '03-'06, Ex-RBS, Ex-Bank of America