About us

It takes a village to raise a child. Parents and to-be parents consume vast amounts of content, often contradictory about the right way to raise their little people. Everything sounds right and everything sounds wrong. How do we deal with this dilemma?

We finally decided to take a step back and follow parenting practices that feel instinctive and evolutionary. Beliefs that are deeply rooted in tradition but also has a place in today’s modern evidence-based lifestyle. Practices which are sustainable and more responsible towards Mother Earth. And above all, practices that allow us to treat our little humans the way we would like to be treated – gracious, mindful and gentle. 

These are the core tenets that we at The Nestery live by. Over time, we will bring to you highly curated products and services that will make your parenting journey easier and make your lifestyle richer in more ways than one. 

We owe it our little people to know better and do better.

Happy nesting.