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Use Code ALLYOURS11 to Avail 11% Discount on Minimum Cart Value of Rs. 3000
11% Discount on Minimum Cart Value of Rs. 3000 Use Code - ALLYOURS11


We started En to facilitate discovery of children's products with context - context, that you provide as a content creator / community leader in the children's space.

No more juggling multiple discount codes or replying to pps and dms for links - all you need is to direct your audience to YOUR OWN store front with a catalog powered by The Nestery.

One of our earliest collaborators, Vaishali BK of Amma Today (@ammatoday) hosts a storefront with us - Amma Today's storefront.

She is an educator and speaker and a treasure trove of information and resources. She's quite the authority on all things Montessori and here's what she had to say about the EN programme - 

"I have almost always appreciated The Nestery's curation and having shopped here before, I have wondered at the thoughtful collection and mix of sensibilities combination. The idea of distilling and curating a mini list out of what was available was intellectually stimulating. I could see the value addition for subscribers, having all lists at one place."  

Keerthana of A Toddler Drama (@a_toddler_drama) is a mother of two and a powerhouse who puts a lot of thought into her curating process. Here is A Toddler Drama's storefront.

She has the below message for someone who is considering to collaborate with us -

"Be an entrepreneur at your comfort. Start earning small to begin with. You will know what to do next as you go along." 

So all-in-all what do you get by collaborating with us?

  • Your Own Storefront - One place where you can house all the products you love and wish to talk about.
  • Your Own Curation - You know your followers better than us and so the key to curation is completely in your hands. 
  • Minimal Interference - You can change your curation on weekly, daily or even hourly basis without any hindrance from our side.
  • Access to Amazing Brands - We host not only the products made in India for the indian audience but established international brands as well.
  • Monetary Benefit - The most important of all - you earn doing the thing you love most.
  • Professional Team - We are all grown ups here (well, at least we like to believe so!). 
  • Peace of Mind - We promise!


Want to become an ENtrepreneur? Fill up the form here and we will get in touch with you post-haste.

Here is to brewing fantastical ideas and building sustainable relationships.

Team Nestery.