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Ultra Trim Cover Diaper (Regular Size Diaper) - Lil Swimmers

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These are use-at-home, day-time alternatives that are economical. This diaper is made of waterproof polyester (outer layer) and soft cloth or inserts can be used on the inner surface which is in direct contact with the baby’s skin. These cover diapers are light and more convenient to use. This diaper is machine washable and reusable up to a minimum of 200 washes.

  • Ideal during the day when the baby is active
  • Comes with double gussets for extra leakage protection
  • Lasts upto 4+ hours
  • Comes with 2 organic cotther inserts

1 cover diaper and 2 cotton inserts


5kgs to 17 kgs (6+ months)


PUL cover with 2 organic cotton insert


Wash it at least once before use. 2+ washes are required to achieve maximum absorbency. It is 100% machine washable. Cold rinse at no hotter than 30 degree Celsius. Don’t use any fabric softener or bleach. Use a baby-friendly detergent for longer durability for the product. Inserts must be washed at daily basis.

1. Rinse off stools or residuals off the diaper using tap water or a hand shower
2. Separate diaper and insert before washing.
3. You can either machine wash (cold rinse) or wash the diaper with hands.
4. It is recommended to hang them up to dry under the sun as it helps bleach the nappies to remove any remaining stains or ‘Low’ tumble dry them.


CPSIA cerfitied Diaper and GOTS certified Fabric


If you're a mom who likes her baby clean, dry and comfortable but equally wants to protect the environment and do your bit to support green living, The Toddler Thing is a bran d just for you!

The brand was ideated, built and is taken forward by three youngsters - Swathi, Ashwanth and Lokesh Naveen, who came out with their very first successful cloth diaper product in 2017. What started as simply manufacturing, educating and promoting cloth diapering, soon gave way to introducing other bio-friendly accessories from wide variety of muslin baby essentials to trendy, colorful and warm toddler footwear!


Made in India