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Whimsical Dreams Set

Rs. 2,999.00

DESCRIPTION : Designed for all-day, all-season comfort of the newborn, the natural mustard seed filled pillow ensures the baby's head and neck are well-supported.


Mustard seeds help retain the roundness of a baby's soft head, preventing flat-head syndrome, and the double-layered, organic muslin sleeve makes it gentle against the infant's skin.


Paired with the Bengal cotton swaddle that nestles the baby delicately till toddler-hood, the set is a perfect gift for newborns.

For all pillows for babies:

"We recommend following safe sleeping practices to minimise risk of SIDS or suffocation. Please avoid using pillows or other loose bedlinens with babies until they are at least 1 year old. If using a pillow or blanket/sheet/quilt/dohar with a younger baby, please supervise closely for their safety."


(Precaution: Please ensure a caregiver is supervising the newborn when he/she is covered with a blanket to avoid risk of suffocation.)


BOX CONTAINS: One herbal dyed pillow sleeve, one mustard seed filler in khadi, and one large herbal dyed swaddle (48 in X 48 in)


AGE GUIDANCE: 0+ months


MATERIAL: 100 count handmade Bengal muslin printed with herbal colours


CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Swaddle and pillow sleeve to be handwashed in mild detergent. Filler not washable.


The word ‘aagghhoo’ is a joyful expression of babyhood – think the happy gurgling sound of a baby!

Aagghhoo is a gender neutral, slow and ergonomic baby brand that is meant for new age millennial parents who are conscious and mindful, when it comes to caring for their babies’ needs. We design products for these parents who are knowledgeable, yet need support through well designed, safe baby products.


Made in India