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| Taking orders | Covid-19 Updates Click-here | Free shipping |

Papier Mache Clay

Rs. 608.00
  • Make papier-mache with all-natural ingredients and no glue.
  • Dries up to become light and unbreakably hard.
  • Sculpt and mould 2-D and 3-D shapes
  • Paint and use durable objects.
  • A tribute to Kashmirs traditional handicraft.

CONTENTS: Active hands papier clay mix, paper shreds, net bag, watercolor, design template, brush, thread.

AGE GUIDANCE:Beginner Level - 7+ Years
  • Each kit has been carefully designed to develop and enhance creative thinking, hand skills, problem-solving, design aesthetics, and craft appreciation.
  • The kits are based on traditional Indian crafts, with a contemporary bent so as to make them relevant for the young generation.
  • While crafting, one also experiences a sense of achievement, as they see their kit turn into a creative, functional, and utility product.
  • Crafting is not just fun, it is liberating, empowering, and calming at the same time. Let's explore, experience, encourage and enjoy the learning process.

Made in India