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| Taking orders | Covid-19 Updates Click-here | Free shipping |

Sleepy Grey - Memory Pillow

Rs. 849.00

Your STAR needs 3 things to make sure they get the best sleep: comfort, security and love!

Enter the Baby Moo Memory Foam Pillow made with love to provide the right balance between comfort and security. Our Memory Foam Pillows are designed to provide the right support to your STAR’s neck while keeping them warm!

No returns/exchanges for hygiene purposes

**Disclaimer **

We recommend following safe sleeping practices to minimize risk of SIDS or suffocation. Please avoid using pillows or other loose bedlinens with babies until they are at least 1 year old. If using a pillow or blanket/sheet/quilt/dohar with a younger baby, please supervise closely for their safety

Key Features

  • Designed with memory foam to provide utmost comfort and safety to the baby
  • Unique shape prevents flat head syndrome and relieves pressure on the baby's head
  • Helps to develop correct posture
  • Facilitates the alignment of baby's neck and spine
  • Breathable soft fabric

Product Dimension 

40 x 24 cm


1 - 10 Years 

Magasin visco-elastic Foam & Cotton
  • Hand wipe any immediate stains 
  • Liquid spills - Recommended to hand wash using mild
  • Detergent - Machine wash on gentle setting only with cold or warm water  No returns/exchanges for hygiene purposes

Made in India

Baby Moo products are manufactured & curated with love and care, the way a parent would handpick the best for their little ones. Baby Moo offers a wide variety of products of the highest quality which is accessible to all.