Bloon Toys Curvy Board 2.0

Rs. 4,450.00

Age: 2+ years or younger with supervision


Description: inspired by the waldorf classic rocker board, these unique curved wooden boards were designed to help children develop balance, poise, co-ordination, self and spatial awareness.
its form also gives it the potential to transform with the child’s imagination. watch it become a rainbow, a stool, a bridge, a tunnel, a home, a road...
the curvy board 2.0 has been pressure tested to withstand up to 300kgs. made with a combination of layered hardwoods, the curvy board 2.0 is designed to last.
the curvy board 2.0 is lined with cork at the base, making it suitable for use across surfaces.
for children aged 2 and up (or with supervision for really little ones).

length: 34" | width: 12" | maximum arc height: 7"
weight: 4 kgs
materials: natural wood and rubberised cork

Early learning philosophies: Waldorf toys

Contents: Each box contains one rocker board

How to use: Use as a balancing board, or as a rainbow, or a wall. Imagination and possibilities are limitless.

34x12x7 inches