Bloon Toys Modelling Beeswax

Rs. 500.00

Age: 3+ years

Manufacturing description: Handmade with food-grade beeswax and food colours

Useful in: Imaginative play, Free play, Open-ended play, textural exploration, Fine motor skills, improving wrist and arm strength, hand-eye coordination

Early learning philosophies: Waldorf toys

Contents: Each box contains 12 translucent shades of modelling beeswax

How to use: Warm the wax with hands or even sit on it. Make it pliable and then build the world of your imaginations. It’s slow, mindful, constructive, and restorative.
beeswax is a natural wax made by honeybees. in waldorf schools it has long been used as the only form of modelling clay/wax till the age of 9, for its warmth and will & perseverance building properties, (increasingly relevant in today’s era of instant gratification). to use, warm the wax gently in your hands (or by sitting on it!), until the wax is pliable. work with the wax to achieve your desired form. once the wax cools, it hardens, and can be integrated into all sorts of play. it never dries up, and is infinitely re-useable. handmade with food-grade beeswax and food colours. each box contains 12 translucent shades of modelling beeswax. for children aged 3 and up.
17X17X4 cms