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It’s a Match

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DESCRIPTION: It’s a match!! You think it’s a match? Are you sure? Because there’s a catch...

Its a thrilling game of speed and observation... Correctly identify the matching card and cover the centre card

Beware!! There is a penalty for a wrong match!!

Same animal different colour is match, ok you got a yellow lion with a back pack and the other person has a blue lion with a back pack, you think its a match!!!! Go for the centre card, great!!!

Oh wait!!! Did you check if the lion is standing in both the cards???
Super fun for the entire family, lets laugh some, giggle some and pull each other’s leg...

A great game for play dates, birthday gifts and return gifts.

AGE GUIDANCE: 5+ years

CONTAINS: 60 cards


Preschoolers are like little scientists they want to learn how things work, and they learn best through play. Children at play are solving problems, creating, experimenting, thinking and learning all the time. Big Little Things (BLT) helps you play!! BLT is excited to bring to you games that you can play with your child. Our games are designed not just to improve hand-eye co-ordination, to foster creativity and imagination, to enhance social skills but also to have oodles of fun while all this happens in the background.


Made in India