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| Taking orders | Covid-19 Updates Click-here | Free shipping |

Bamboo Insert (Small) - Pack Of 3

Rs. 480.00

Bumberry Small Size Bamboo Inserts are a comfortable diapering option for new-borns. It absorbs well and therefore performs better than cotton fabric when it comes to its function of fluid absorption.

Bumberry Bamboo Insert has four layers of which two outer layers are made of bamboo fibres and two inner layers are made of highly absorbent microfibers. You need to change the bamboo inserts according to the level of wetness in the insert.

Bumberry Bamboo Inserts are a good solution for babies with skin sensitivity. Bumberry Bamboo inserts performs quite well with a Bumberry Diaper Cover.


0 - 5 months


Bumberry is CPSIA certified. Bumberry Cloth Diaper samples have passed the adequate number of tests that are relevant under the CPSIA guidelines and therefore this certificate interprets that the Bumberry cloth diapers and inserts meet the adequate safety standards as per CPSIA mandated specifications.


Pre-wash: Before the first use, wash your Bumberry diapers and inserts separately with luke warm water(100F/40C) and detergent.

Normal wash: If soiled, pre-rinse with cold water. Toss it in the washing machine. We recommend a low foaming and hypoallergenic detergent. Use regular warm water (100F/40C) cycle. Hang dry the diapers as sun is nature’s best disinfectant. If the diaper smell bad after washing, then you need to use MORE detergent and rinse the cloth diapers more thoroughly in MORE water.

We strongly recommend to go through the ABCDs of diapering care instructions along with the product package for detailed instructions on strip washing. A warm wash with a tbsp of vinegar also is recommended for strip waah cycle.

Do not use bleach, fabric softener or any laundry detergent that has optical brighteners, stain protectors or fabric conditioners in it. These products will leave a waxy build-up and lower the absorbency of the inserts or cause leaks.


At Bumberry, they understand how overwhelmed a new parent can feel. The right choice does not seem so right any more, when there are just too many people ready to dole out advice. They know you want the best for your child and they make things easier for you by giving you an inexpensive, yet quality diapering option that already has the wisdom of generations poured into every delightful diaper.


Made in India