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| Taking orders | Covid-19 Updates Click-here | Free shipping |

Hybrid Cover + Disposable Insert - Rose

by Bdiaper
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These work in a 3-part system with a cloth shell and a detachable waterproof pouch. The cloth covers are trim, sized to fit like any disposable diaper and do not need a daily wash ( to be washed only when soiled). They come with an attached waterproof pouch that can be wiped cleaned. These pouches hold the nappy pad which is the actual diaper.

Our disposable nappy pads fit in these pouches for the perfect leak proof, rash free diapering experience. These are made from non-toxic, bleach-free, plant-based fibre making them naturally antibacterial and easier on the baby’s sensitive skin. They are fragrance, dye free hence hypoallergenic. The hybrid system allows for the passage of air thereby reducing chances of any rashes or allergies.


  • Diaper Cover
  • An ultra-soft waterproof pouch that holds the disposable bio soakers
  • 15 organic disposable pads that are chemical, bleach, dye and fragrances free
  • Cotton Spandex Cover
  • Nylon soft waterproof pouch
  • Wood pulp based disposable pads that are chemical, dye and fragrance free

Wash with regular cloths. Use laundry tabs before washing to ensure Velcro life


Bdiapers is Indias only Hybrid Diapers with Disposable Inserts. We sell fashion in cloth diapers coupled with the convenience of disposables making us the only eco-friendly disposable diaper company in India.