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| Taking orders | Covid-19 Updates Click-here | Free shipping |

Monkey Expressions Preschool Feelings Magnetic Puzzle

Rs. 499.00


A fun interactive puzzle that helps children recognise emotions and express or communicate their feelings. Learn 5 basic emotions. Manipulate the eyes and mouth pieces to make expressions-happy, sad, angry, surprised or scared. A great addition to your storytelling sessions.


Solid construction wooden box with 15 chunky magnetic pieces (5 eye pieces+ 5 mouth pieces+ 5 thought bubbles) 


3 to 6 Years


Kids often don't know-Why they feel shy or nervous? Why they can't control their mood? Or why they are both sad and mad? Our puzzle helps kids-
-Talk about feelings
-Build social-emotional skills-empathy for success in life.
-Expands language, communication and social skills.
-Boosts confidence.
A great gift for both girls and boys.


Made in India