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Chinese Checkers

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Despite its name Chinese Checkers, the game is neither a variation of checkers nor did it originate in China! Invented in 1892 in Germany by the name "Stern-Halma", this is a strategy board game for 2 to 6 players. The objective of the game to get all you marble pieces to the opposite side of the board in single step moves before your opponents do.

Chaya Nisarga's toys and games are handmade and painted by hand. It is possible for designs and colours to be slightly different than the product image. This is not a manufacturing defect but the hallmark of a hand-made product.


Marbles in 6 colours

***Colors of marbles shown in pictures are representative and subject to availability. The seller will provide correct quantity of marbles in the required number of colors.***


Memory formation and cognitive skills


6+ Years




Chaya Nisarga manufactures and promotes board games, wooden puzzles, educational toys, lamps, and artifacts for interior décor made of materials that are entirely organic. Increasingly, people live their lives on digital platforms that disconnect them from the real world. This is particularly true for children, whose migration to the online realm is compounded by an education system that emphasis academic learning, sacrificing their right to play. Their products are an effort to encourage a return to physical world. Their board games and puzzles are aimed at overcoming boundaries of acceptance. Since their establishment in the year 2000, they have focused on working with self-help groups. They supports them in the area of design, development, raw material procurement, brand extensions, developing the right product mix, and marketing.


Made in India