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1-10 Wooden Reversible Board

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Our wooden number tracing 1-10 board is a fantastic early math tool for any preschooler but especially tactile learners-- those that learn best through touch. The board is double-sided. On the one side has large tracing numbers on it. The other side will have sections of holes for counting objects.

  • 1-10 Reversible Board is a perfect tool to learn writing at an early stage as well as have a basic understanding of their values. This engraved Number tracing board has gently curved grooves, providing a form to trace numbers and builds muscle memory for children as they learn to write on their own.
  • Filling the holes with objects like beads, snacks, stones, shells, etc matches the number of items to the written numeral. When a child is getting familiar with numbers, just showing them the number 4 doesn€™t mean they understand its value as well.
  • By using this board, children understand and establish a relationship between what the number looks like and what is the quantity included with it.
  • But even after your child has learned numbers, they can use the board still for more activities. Here are some ideas for learning through play€¦Odd and Even: Notice how even numbers always have a pair at the bottom while odd numbers have a single item by themselves.
  • Discover: See how 3 is one more than 4. 2 is one more than 1. Or 6 have two sets of 3s. How many sets of 2 are in 6? Or 8? Can you see how 7 is 3+4 by looking at each vertical line in the area? Did you notice each number on the bottom is five more than the one above it? 1+5=6. 2+5=7. 3+5=8. Etc. What about adding the bottom with the top from either side1+10=11, 2+9=11, 3+8=11, 4+7=11, and 5+6=11? Isn€™t fun finding all the different combinations?!
  • Add: Give your child a select amount of balls and discover which numbers they can be divided into, an activity of addition. Six balls can be 1, 2, and 3 added together. But it can also be 2 and 4 or 1 and 5. What if your child has 10 balls and places 7 of them on the boardwhere do the rest of the balls go?
  • TRACE: Demonstrate for your child where to begin tracing and which lines to follow. Use your fingers or the tracing stick. Practice with your dominant hand and for fun, try tracing with your non-dominant hand. With eyes closed, have your child randomly find a number to trace on the board and identify what it is based on the feeling.
  • FILL: Place small items into the grooves to fill up each number, another way to focus on their shapes and keep little hands busy. An activity of concentration, follow-through, and creativity. Use dry foods such as beans, corn, grain, flaxseeds, herbs, and rice. Use nature such as flower petals, leaves, sticks, stones, sand, and shells. Use snacks such as cereal, raisins, pretzels, crackers. Use art materials such as bells, beads, pompoms, pipe cleaners, and jewels.
  • RUB: Place a sheet of paper over the board (either side) and use a crayon to rub the paper, creating an impression of the board onto the paper. Then trace inside the lines on the paper or color in the dots.
  • MOLD: Press play dough into the board to create impressions of the numbers and dimples. Numbers will come out backward, but then use scissors to cut around them and have numbers to move around for playing.
  • Most important of all, have fun! The board is double-sided. On the one side, there are uppercase letters. The second side is engraved with lower case letters. The size of the board is similar to office paper size, so it's easy for a child to tote. Moreover, it can be transported without any problems. The toy is made of solid wood, so it's durable, safe, and eco-friendly. All toys are handmade in our workshop with love and special attention to detail and quality.


1 number tracing board


27 cm x 19 cm


2 years and above


Solid wood




The Nestery presents Chitrani is a sustainably managed family-run wooden toys brand based in the Thar Desert of India. They mainly focus on offering safe wooden toys made of sustainably managed woods that complement development for children, in particular during their first five formative years when parents should instil in children a sense of the privilege of playing and nurture their proximity to nature.

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1-10 Wooden Reversible Board