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Math Buzz Math Game Stem Toy

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DESCRIPTION: Math Buzz helps children practice subtraction, addition, multiplication, division, greater than / smaller than and other mathematical problems. All the numbers, operators and equations are written on thick, colourful, flying-bees. Ideal for group activities at home or school, this game helps children boost their knowledge, improve their problem solving skills while enhancing their interpersonal skills through social play. Instructions: A referee or conductor (parent or teacher) will draw a bee from the box and will read the equation aloud OR create equations using different numbers and operators. The player who is able to answer correctly will collect the bee however, if one gets a buzz-bee on their turn, they will lose all the bees they own. Player with the maximum number of bees will win the game.


AGE GUIDANCE: 5-8 years

CONTENTS: 100+ brightly-coloured flying-bee cardboard pieces including operators bees (,+,x,>, etc.


  • Improves mathematical skills
  • Improves interpersonal skills through social play
  • Enhances memory and cognitive skillsBuilds self-esteem