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Paint Your Own Turtle

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Colouring aids help improve motor skills in kids. Whether they stay in the lines or not, coloring strengthens a creative spirit and an appreciation for visual differences in kids. Children can paint and personalize their own plaster turtle. Show your creativity by painting your own turtle and you can use this as a planter or a décor in your room

 Perfect idea for family fun, birthday parties, Christmas, or holiday gift! Use the painted Turtle as a plant holder, pencil stand, or paperweight also it is perfect for gifting.


It helps develop the social skills emotional, creativity, and fine-motor skills. Conducive to the playtime and development of kids with hearing loss.

The painting set is easy to use and loads of fun! Create your own masterpiece and use it as a toy, or nice art decoration for your home, planter, pencil holder. Make your own design or follow the one on the instruction.


4 years and plus.

  • Turtle cast
  • Paint Brush

  • Colors
  • Plaster of Paris cast