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Cube and Cuboid Rattle

by Ariro
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Wooden Rattle for Infants: Rattle can mildly stimulate your child and ensure to capture and slowly help them focus their attention towards the source of the sound. This also can give them a sense of direction.

  • Rattles benefits for babies 
  • When you move the rattle over your baby they will tend to try and grasp
  • This ensures that Hand-eye coordination is addressed
  • Slowly Move the rattle across the child's face and let them track the movement this process will help with Focus and Attention
  • This rattle shape like an ovoid will help your little one to completely hold and enjoy the solid while exploring it
  • Wood as a material can be beneficial
  • The tactile experience that a baby gets when feeling wood is important for their Sensorial development
  • Wooden rattles are long-lasting
  • This naturally finished wooden rattle is a good Grasping aid and also can double as a Teether
  • Grasping aids for newborns
  • When your baby is reaching out and grasping the toy their Fine motor skills are developed
  • When they rattle the toy their sense of sound develops. Rattles are always amusing and fun for your little one

Note: parental guidance necessary at all times 


  • Cube - 5 cm x5 cm x 5 cm
  • Cuboid -17 cm x 5 cm x 5 cm

6 months to 18 months




The Nestery presents Ariro, a brand that wishes to be every child’s first toy. The mission is to create simple, safe, and minimal toys for purposeful play.

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