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Rs. 950.00

DESCRIPTION: The handmade cloth shoulder bag from Cuddle n Care is a perfect accessory for Babywearing Parents.

It’s spacious enough to accommodate all the necessities while you are on the move with your little one or for everyday use.  Wear these beauties when you go out for shopping or to keep your baby stuff handy.

These sturdy shoulder bags are made using the same beautiful and sturdy woven cotton fabrics with which we make our baby carriers. We make them in vibrant colours to perfectly match your mood and style. Shoulder straps are trendy, embellished with jute.

  • They are around 16 inches deep and are 18 Inches wide, making it ideal to keep your baby carrier and the other essentials on the go. 
  • Inner pocket has a secure space to keep your phone or other essentials.
  • The double layer option is sturdier. For the lighter single layer option, click here.


These Cuddle n Care Shoulder Bags are durable and light-weight, easy to wash and take care of.

MATERIAL USED: Jacquard Fabric

OPTIONS: They come in two variants, one with the lining to make it sturdier and another without it, making it lighter. Pick the one, the way you like to use!