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Art Kit + Pencil Pouch + Crayon Pouch - Amber Rosa (Combo Set of 3)

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These roll-up organiser by Cuddle n Care are hand-made using beautiful cloth. It keeps your pencils, crayon and stationary, in a perfect order while you are on move. They are easy to use & place in bags and elsewhere, keeping them secure and protected.

Please note that the package only contains the items mentioned in the description, under the heading ‘Contains’. The pencils, paints, paintbrush are not included.


  • Art Kit
  • Crayon Pouch
  • Pencil Pouch

Art Kit

  • Comes with 2 big pockets to keep books, sheets, notebook, diary and 7 small pockets to keep pens & colours.
  • This makes a nice gift for someone who needs his kit, always ready and handy.
  • Comes in a well-coordinated combination of outer & inner fabric patterns.

Pencil Pouch

  • It can hold up to 14 pencils.
  • Comes in a well-coordinated combination of outer and inner fabric patterns.
  • It is easy to close by rolling up and tying up with the string.. no zippers, no hooks!

Crayon Pouch

  • Handmade crayon pouch to fit 12 stick crayons.
  • Can be easily rolled up and carried around.
  • Rolling allows crayons to be sturdy and to stay in their pockets.
    All age groups
    100% Cotton Jacquard Fabric
    Wash them by hand, use mild detergents and drying away from direct sunlight will ensure that they retain the colours and go soft as you use it.
    Made in India

    The Nestery presents Cuddle N Care, a brand that makes ergonomic baby carriers, designed by a professional designer who is also a certified babywearing consultant. Cuddle N Care also offers nursing products, and upcycles fabric remnants into organisers, everyday essentials, and handmade dolls! All products are handcrafted from high-quality natural fabrics procured from weaver communities across India, chosen to support your earth-friendly and sustainable lifestyle.