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Rangoli Ikat (Ring Sling)

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DESCRIPTION: Ring Sling is a long rectangular cloth carrier with two rings sewn to one end. It is worn by threading the “free” end through the rings and wearing the sling looped around the wearer, generally from shoulder to hip. 

They are stylish, easy to use and affordable baby carriers.

Cuddle n Care Ring Slings are light weight, breathable, sturdy yet comfortable, made with hand-woven natural 100% cotton fabric. This makes them suitable for various climate types. 

The fabric used is sourced locally to support and promote the weaver communities originating from different regions in India.

AGE GUIDANCE: Suitable for babies 3.5 kgs onwards to toddlers 15 kgs.

MATERIALS USED: Woven natural 100% cotton fabric


  • Gathered at shoulder, they are approximately 2 Meters long, fits perfectly for all body types. 
  • These cloth baby carriers are made single layered for the ease of wearing so the fabric glides easily through the rings. 
  • With no breaking in required, they can be used for our baby since birth (3.5Kgs) to toddlers (15 Kgs).
  • The fabric tends to get softer with each wear. 
  • Can be used with your new-born baby in the cradle position and later in upright position once baby learn to hold their head.
  • Ring sling allows multiple ergonomic carry positions like cradle, tummy-to-tummy and hip carry.


  • Always wash your carrier once before first use. The natural fibres have tendency to colour bleed a little hence wash separately for the first few washes.
  • These, easy to care carrier go more breathable and softer with subsequent washes. They are lightweight and foldable to be carried with ease, using small space in your diaper bag as you travel or shop.  
  • Cuddle n Care recommends to soak your carrier in the salt water for few hours and rinse with plain water.
  • As the fabric that we use is hand woven, there could be variation in the colour, texture, weave and may have uneven finish. This should no way be considered as any flaw of defect as they are inherent to hand made fabrics