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Dareithmetic - Maths Game

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Developing awesome maths skills is now a laugh riot! Mastering Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division has never been so funny! In this incredibly entertaining board game, kids challenge each other to solve a math problem correctly, or else perform a hilarious activity as a dare!

  • With dozens of such activities, and tens of thousands of possible math problems, this game is endlessly re-playable and never gets tiring.
  • When it comes to turning kids into maths maestros, this is a game you can always count on! Improves skills of Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division.
  1. Game Board
  2. 4 sets Player Tokens
  3. 10 steps Tiles
  4. Maths operation tiles
  5. Dare Cards


STEM Skills Thinking and Problem solving, Social and Emotional skills

6 to 10 years
Paper and Cardboard

Two to Four players. How to play:

  • Players choose their colour and collect both the tokens of that colour. They place both of their tokens on any two squares on the board.
  • Then a player picks a step tile and moves his/her tokens that many number of steps in any direction. He/she then picks an operation tile at random.
  • The numbers where the tokens finally landed, and the operation tile he/she picks become the maths problem that he/she can challenge an opponents with.
  • Whoever loses the challenge has to perform a funny dare from the Dare cards.

Made in India

Cuweeosity, a Bangalore based startup, creates fun educational games for children. Practice makes perfect - but the monotony of practice can get to kids. Enter Cuweeosity's games that make practice fun by weaving academics seamlessly into play, through games that are designed to keep participants learning even while playing!