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Grand Bois - Board Game

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Introduction to the game: You and your clan must fight for control over the Forest of GrandBois by having the most presence and the most well-placed lookout tower.

Category: Territory Building, Area Majority / Influence, Card Drafting, Tile Placement


  • 36 tiles
  • 1 starting tile
  • 5 Clan cards
  • 4 Watchtowers
  • 4 Watchtower tokens
  • 1 score pad


28 cm x 19 cm x 6.35 cm

Number of Players



8 to 99 Years


Paper & Cardboard


After secretly drawing a clan in GrandBois, each player picks a forest tile, which depicts four forest squares that have 1-4 clan members of one of five colors, just forest, or a bear. They then add this tile to the rest of the forest, covering at least one-quarter of an existing tile. You can cover existing squares only if the covering squares have more clan members on them (or a bear as the bear beats them all).

You also have a tower you can place on an empty square of a tile that you just placed, scoring points for having clan members on adjacent tiles — but the sooner you place your tower, the sooner your opponents will have a big clue on which clan actually belongs to you!

There are 4 scoring categories:

  • 1 golden chestnut for each square covered by the player's clan.
  • 2 golden chestnuts per square of the largest area controlled by the player's clan.
  • 2 golden chestnuts for each space occupied by the player's clan around their watchtower
  • 1 golden chestnut for each space occupied by the player's clan around their watchtower.

The player with the most golden chestnuts at the end of the game wins the game!




The Nestery presents Dancing Duck Games, a brand that aims at bringing international strategic games to India that can be enjoyed by people of all ages.Playing board games has proven health benefits, it helps relieve stress, improves cognitive brain function, boosts creativity and helps in socialization. These games can be played with your family and friends and is a constructive way of spending time away from electronic gadgets.