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The Multi-Sensory Kit

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This a tropical themed play kit with multi sensorial activities. 5 colors of Dohdough and a child safety scissor. Early learning educators give a lot of importance for cutting and the first medium is always a playdough. Then we have 21 cutting pattern practice sheets to establish cutting using different medium.

  • It also has wooden stamps cohesive to the tropical theme to make patterns and block print. Sudoku and Tic-tac-toe in 2 levels to sharpen logical thinking 
  • The most important and interesting part is the "Feeling Vocabulary" activity card where the child can make and express how it feels and a lot of feelings can be thought like disappointment, unamused and happy of Dohdough and a Child safety Scissor.
  • Early Learning Educators give a lot of importance for cutting and the first medium is always a Playdough. 


21 x 21 x 5 


  • 500gms of dough 
  • Wooden stamps cohesive to the tropical theme
  • Sudoku and Tic-tac-toe
  • Child safety Scissor
  • Feeling vocabulary activity card
  • 1 rolling pin
  • 10 or more in number Prompts of the theme laminated to box to play in or on!
2 - 7 years

Wood Plastic Paper/Cardboard Rubber

Ingredients - Flour, salt, oil, food colouring and water

  • Always make sure you give appropriate quantity to play.
  • Always use a Plastic mat/dinning table mat underneath to play. Newspaper will soak in all the oil and make it dry quickly.
  • Always cover the dough in airtight boxes and fit to size boxes so that the air doesn't let it dry out
  • If you see signs of it getting dried i.e. salt being crystallized on top then knead it with the help of little Kitchen oil and it will be fresh as new.

Certified by IADFAC lab as taste safe and free of pesticides and heavy metals


Made in India

Crafted with Mom’s love, Doh Dough is the first ever play dough brand which is certified taste safe and is revivable!
Let your child learn, explore & make memories with organic, lab-approved, kids-safe play dough.