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Elephant Circus

Original price Rs. 2,490.00 - Original price Rs. 2,490.00
Original price Rs. 2,490.00
Rs. 2,490.00
Rs. 2,490.00 - Rs. 2,490.00
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DESCRIPTION: When you pull the string, the sphere and cylindrical parts in the centre rotate in tandem with the tire and it feels like the small tire at the top also rotates - almost as if the elephant is in a circus.

SKILLS DEVELOPED: Exercise Promotion, Predictive Ability, Finger Training

AGE GUIDANCE: 1.5+ years

CERTIFICATIONS: Japanese ST certification


Ed Inter is a Japanese toys brand which aims to make safe wooden and cloth toys designed and planned in Japan to put smiles on children across the world. Delivering safe and secure toys produced with a quality-first mind-set to children around the world is their goal. 

Ed Inter strives to create products that are effective for the development of mind and body of the child from various perspectives so that they can become adults with a global perspective and thinking. 

The company has been developing products for 28 years - only educational toys that do not deal with characters and value the warmth of wood and cloth.