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The Early Development Combo - Multi Sensory Mats & Look What My Finger Can Do

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Multi Sensory Mats

  • A set of activity mats that use back-and-forth interactions with your lil’ one to boost their cognitive development.
  • Enhance your child's ability to think, understand, communicate, remember & imagine.
  • Activities on these mats have a direct impact on the Gross Motor Skills, Learning Skills & Intellectual Skills.
  • Fully loaded with unique, interactive activities like Spotting, Colouring, Join the Dots, Finger Painting , Crossword and many more interactive activities

Look What My Finger Can Do 

  • A set of Interactive Adventure Boards that you bring to life using your Fingers!
  • Enhances the motor skills of the child as they follow specific instructions/directions as given on each board
  • A wide-ranging variety of themes in each set- Animals, fictional characters, sports, artists etc.


7 Multisensory Activity Mats + Felt Velcro Pieces + Ice Cream Sticks + Thread + Velcro Ball ;

26 Boards

6 months - 3 years
Hardboard, Paper, velcro, felt, sticks, thread

Made in India


Keshav and Rahil were childhood friends who turned co-founders to start Elemeno in 2018. Today, Elemeno stands for things that spark joy - both big and small.

Elemeno sits on a simple and powerful vision - that of making kids happier. Delight first, develop after - that is Elemeno in a nutshell.