Rs. 460.00

Description: These wooden giant marbles will make your child's toy collection complete!! Boundless possibilities your child can play with this simple toy

How to use: Roll it and let babies chase them enhancing their gross motor skills, use them to fill boxes, baskets or bowls, roll them on different surfaces, add them along with stackers or blocks, practice counting and sorting, use as experimental weights on balance/scale toy. Use for sensory play for babies and toddlers. Teens and adults can use them for home decor or various DIY projects or embellishments on Christmas tree.

Skills: It helps to boost creativity, imagination, patience, concentration, fine motor skills, building skills, problem solving, colour sorting(in coloured ones). As they are not polished with wax, it also offers a sensorial experience for younger children. It's also an exercise in balance as the marbles are rounded.

Dimensions: Each marble is 3.5 cms in diameter which makes it safe play for younger children.

Manufacturing: Handcrafted in India. Made from natural wood and dyed with non-toxic, water based stains which makes it completely safe for mouthing babies.

Box contains: 6 marbles in one set