Rs. 1,679.00

Description: Round pebbles handcrafted from natural wood for hours of boundless open-ended play

How to use: These chunky pebbles are suitable for stacking challenges, decorating scenic play, making a stony puppet show, building cairns, knocking down, to play Indian traditional game 'Lagori', various art & craft activities, and as home/garden decor!!

Skills: It helps to boost creativity, imagination, patience, concentration, fine motor skills, building skills, problem solving, colour sorting(in coloured ones). As they are not polished with wax, it also offers a sensorial experience for younger children. It's also an exercise in balance as the pebbles are rounded.

Dimensions: Size of a larger pebble is approximately 12 cms whereas smaller is 6 cms with a thickness of 2 cms.

Manufacturing: Handcrafted in India. These gorgeous pebbles are dyed with non-toxic water based dyes which makes them completely safe for even babies to enjoy natural play!

Box contains: Includes 12 pebbles. Each four-piece set comes in three color schemes: *River(Blue/Gray), *Fire(Red/Orange), *Moss(Green/Yellow)