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The goDiscover SmartBook kit is a set of 9 multi-sensory, content-rich books, and interactive pen. The SmartBook covers a range of topics from alphabets to all the popular nursery rhymes, even the Hindi varnmala, each interactive in a unique way.

Each SmartBook is full of interactive and colorful content which will definitely grab the attention of your young one.

SmartBook motivates the child to stay away from the screen and befriend books with the help of its interactive technology.


  • Set of 9 interest-based interactive books that are designed parallel with the age-appropriate learning guidelines
  • 1 interactive talking Pen
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • 1 sheet of 42 re-recordable stickers
  • 1 cable/charger for pen
  • Topics covered: Alphabets, Colours, Animals & Birds, First 100 Words, Number 1-10, Learning Hindi, Rhymes, Picture Book, Vegetables & Fruits

Care Instructions: If the customer wants they can laminate the charts at only 40 to 60 micro gsm.

1-year warranty


2 – 4 Years Old

  • Switch on the SmartPen with a long press.
  • Point the pen on the contents, pictures, additional buttons, etc. given on the pages of books.
  • Listen to the contents and characters from every page of the book come alive and talk.
  • The pages have buttons of record - stop - play.
  • Using these with the SmartPen, your little one can record their own voice and content.
  • The re-recordable stickers that comes with the product can be used for creating content not just on the SmartBook pages but also on other books and objects.
  • Parents can also record instructions, information or to keep a record of what your little one learned today.

The book can be used by the child alone as well as in group since it is a screenless technology, it provides a safe space but with an abundance of interactions involving maximum senses that makes learning easy and fun


Paper, Board & ABS Plastic


MSDS, ISBN, Trademark, EN71


Made in India


goDiscover’s founders Sonia and Vipul envisioned an interactive learning experience designed for kids and optimized for parents that would balance the values and learning’s of their times with the needs of young ones, today.

goDiscover fosters learning and development through interactive play in children by providing a fulfilling and innovative range of products which cater to diverse interests and hopes to win the hearts of both parents and child.

It’s our mission to be the best-loved innovator of children’s products that build imaginations and thereby helping kids to discover themselves, their passion for learning and to keep their curiosity growing.