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Natural Bamboo Toothbrush + Bamboo Earbuds

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Make your mornings plastic-free by switching to our Bamboo Toothbrush and Bamboo earbuds. Made with naturally antibacterial bamboo, one of the most sustainable natural resources, makes it a safer and healthier alternative to plastic toothbrushes/earbuds. These biodegradable products will leave you guilt free as they wont sit at a landfill or worse in our ocean!

  • Easy and sustainable switch in your daily routine.
  • Besides cleaning your ears (and your little one's too) a great tool for cleaning your laptop or other electronics, applying make-up, or even for arts and crafts!
  • Why Bamboo? It is one of the fastest growing plants and can grow upto an inch in less than an hour. It also produces 35% more oxygen than most trees.
  • Earth-Point: Lasts as long as any plastic toothbrush or plastic earbud, bonus point - returns to the soil within months!


This pack gives you 2 bamboo toothbrushes and a pack of bamboo earbuds.

Product Dimension

7.5x0.5cm +19x1.5 cm


3+ Years


Bamboo and cotton


How is it different from caring from a plastic toothbrush? All you need to do is let it dry after using it!

Always store in a well ventilated holder, as natural bamboo tends to get black stains due to excessive exposure to moisture.


Made in India


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